Sep 8, 2011

A few more pics from Tim

Tim sent us the link to our secure portal where he houses all our pics.  WOW!!  We were super happy with the results!!  It is not easy to get a 2 week old baby to pose, open her eyes etc so the fact that we got some really great shots is awesome!

Last night we had dinner out with some Aussie friends.   Good company and good food!  It was great to see the baby born last December make the trip here to meet her new sisters born less than a week ago! It was great to see Kim again (we met here in Delhi in December)  and also see the little beauty Isla.
Dinner was so good...we all had Risotto and salad.

Kim with our baby Cailyn
Baby Isla, who just happens to share the same birthday as me!

The girls outside Select Citywalk (thanks Mark for taking this photo, love it!)
Cailyn got hungry on the ride home...

Today we HOPE to get Cailyn's passport.  We had hoped for Wednesday, nope.  We hoped for Thursday, nope.  So, hopefully this morning we will get the good news and we can head to the High Commission and get it then make our way to the MHA (Ministy of Home Affairs) to sart the Indian side of the exit process.


  1. Good luck to get the passport TODAY!!!! BTW no phone call...

  2. Hope soon you will be on a planer out of there. Cailyn is so cute.

  3. LOVE that first picture. It's the one all of us dream of, and it's so good to see it in reality.

    Good luck with the passport. Gosh, you've been in India forever!

  4. Unbeleivably adorable pictures. The one of the three of you brought happy tears to my eyes.

  5. What amazing memories you have captured!


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