Sep 24, 2011

First Dr appointments at home

Cailyn had her first doctors appointment on Tuesday Sept. 20th.  She was weighed and measured

Birth weight: 6.37lbs
Weight at 5 weeks : 8.08lbs

Length at Birth: 49.5cm
Length at 5 weeks : 53.34cm

Our little girl is growing nicely!

In the dr office scale....Budha belly!

Cailyn also went to the Naturopath on Friday Sept. 23rd.  The ND held her for a very long time, he was just so pleased for us and in awe of our baby Cailyn's perfection.  He supported us throughout this journey and took good care of us during some stressful times and was very proud to meet his assumed niece.  I did not snap a picture but will when we return on Tuesday.  We are getting a customized formula for Cailyn through our ND since she had shown us an intolerance to whey proteins and since being switched to soy formula has developed a little rash.  The formula will be an added cost but her health is most important to us. The formula base will be rice protein, non-allergenic etc.  We are meeting the nutritionist on Tuesday to review the blend etc.  We hope Cailyn takes to the new formula and that her skin clears up and her poops become easier.   It's a sin to see her push so hard for a poop.

Here is Cailyn after the doctor did her checkup:
So happy to be naked and wrapped in pink softness!

Cailyn LOVES her swing and so do we! (iPhone pic - kinda blurry)

A very intense sleep.

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  1. My granddaughter had a formula they had to get from England. It cost around $27,000 a year. Their insurance paid for it. She has the same problem with her bowels and even had blood. She just turned 5 and has been taking miralax since she was born. She is now just gluten free after being allergic to everything including breast milk. My DIL lost so much weight she was not healthy as their daughter was allergic to everything in the breast milk and my DIL got down to only two items to eat. Then they found this miracle formula. However, she has been so healthy it is amazing. She is happy and so smart. Just has stomach issues which will be watched until they can do a endoscopy and colonoscopy. Doctors are not concerned. I am sure Cailyn will love her new formula and that the doctors are on it. She is so cute and growing so well.


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