Sep 21, 2011

First week home

Our first week home has been wonderful, perfect!  Cailyn has had visitors and phone calls and emails.  She feels very important as she spits up on every cute outfit she owns!  After 4 visits to Service Ontario, we finally have a Health Card for Cailyn!  Socialized health care is awesome.  I was frustrated as they asked for our adoption documents, and I had to explain the situation over and over, but, our persistence prevailed with the help of one very lovely counter person and now Cailyn has her first doctors appointment today.   Saturday we all went to a Christening for sweet baby Victoria Reese.  The weather held out and the outdoor ceremony continued.   Sunday we had good friends Gen and Winston stop by - they are expecting a baby boy anytime now and we are super excited for them!

What an angel!! Her older brother starting to look like he has had enough of standing still.

Baby Victoria christening

I am too cute - these pj's are too short for my long body!

I love my jungle gym!! I dance like crazy when I lay down in it!

Blurry but adorable.

Diggin the Rasta Hat from Tracy!  Thanks Tracy - it is so warm, just a tad big now.
Sunday visitors - another baby a brewin'!

3 of the 4 welcoming crew at the airport.  (missing Mark's brother who snapped the pic)

Airport arrival: Mark, Stan his brother, me and my sister Christine and of course Cailyn in her cocoon. .

My cute bow tie outfit from Colorado! Thanks Steph, Adam and Micah!!!


  1. Love all the activity and the fabulous pictures. Welcome home.

  2. Adoption papers? Doesnt your name appear on the birth certificate? Well glad it was taken care of...Love all the pics!

  3. She's beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, and I can't believe how much she has grown in a month.

  4. I love how genuinely happy you guys look on that pic taken at the airport (with Stan and Christine)!!! Soooo glad to see you guys home!!
    Gen XXX

  5. It's great to see that you had a welcoming home crew! Have a great weekend!


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