Sep 16, 2011


Well, 5 weeks in India came to an end...  We headed to the New Delhi airport around 11pm Tuesday Sept. 13th.  When we checked in our baggage we were told we needed to be at immigration by midnight as Cailyn's visa expired then!  I asked what time was it now, and the lady at the counter said midnight.  We hustled it over to immigration to wait an additional 45 minutes...not sweating at all!!  When we finally got to the immigration counter the gentlemen looked at Cailyn's visa and stated the obvious...expired!  Luckily I am blond and white and was able to sweet talk our way out of this, making silly jokes while doing so.  He took the bait and stamped Cailyn's visa, we were now officially free to leave India.  The flight to Brussels was uneventful.  Cailyn slept and ate and slept some more.  She was amazing to travel with.  We had our two hour layover in Brussels then homeward bound to Toronto.  Again, Cailyn was a dream the whole way home.   Greeting us at the airport was my sister, Marks brother and good friends Bo and Amy!  A lovely welcome home banner was waving in the air and the excitement and exhaustion were complied together.  Like all new parents, we struggled to get Cailyn into her car seat, and eventually, we were on our way home.  Home is so sweet, just the best! 
The first few days at home have been great. Cailyn has adjusted and so have we.  We have had quite a few visitors, and lots more to come.
The send off crew at ILH (L-R  Kerrie, Hariz the cook, Rama the everything boy, Fortopsy the tough security guard, Mark)

Feeding on Jet Airways flight 9W 0230

Ahh...Brussels airport!  The best layover ever!

Bassinet baby!

Auntie Christine

Rebecca feeds Cailyn...

Harper came to bring Cailyn all her lovely hand me downs. 

Joe, Marks co-worker sends an edible fruit arrangement and comes with a card and gift from the gang at Global Egg!  Thanks Global!

Cat on duty....

Loving being home!

Goofy by her wall sticker.

The welcome home sign on the front lawn!! Thanks Auntie Christine!!!!


  1. YAY!!!! Isn't going home the best flight ever?? You have officially completed your amazing surrogacy journey, so just enjoy time now being mummy and daddy. You so deserve it.

    Lisa (and Nik who's been stalking your blog for this update)

  2. Welcome home! It is so wonderful to see that dreams do come true! Please be better than me and keep us updated with pictures of beautiful Cailyn!

  3. Kerrie, I was waiting for this, and can only imagine how long of a wait it was for you and Mark. I am all smiles and my heart melts in pure joy for you. I hope soon I get to meet her! With love, Anna B.

  4. Must be great to be home. Glad the flight home was good. Now you can relax and concentrate on enjoying being a mummy and daddy surrounded by family and friends. So happy for you two.

  5. Welcome home guys!!! So excited and happy for u all and cant wait to see more pics of her at home. Glad to see all went well and i would have died at the counter with the You handled so well :)

    Love from Jersey :)

  6. I remember that rush to get out by midnight! So glad you're back and having fun showing of Cailyn to everyone. Those are such fun memories to store up.

    Be prepared: my mom is going to start talking about taking a trip to come meet Cailyn!

    Lots of love.

  7. Welcome home!!You three must be exhausted and thrilled all at the same time!!Hopefully you all have been able to readjust quickly to the cool weather here in toronto.Enjoy your time together and its very exciting that you are all finally HOME!!!
    kathy and david

  8. I can't believe that the immigration papers expired so close to when you were leaving. Glad it all worked out and I am sure money would have got it stamped as a last resort but you didn't need to do it. Love that you are home surrounded with family and more love. Such a fabulous story. It was worth the wait and all the stories.

  9. Welcome Home guys. Now all the real fun begins. :)

  10. awwww, see my lovely baby Cailyn . Can you let her know her black aunty is missing her. i bet you guys have settled in and she has sooo many people to take care of her. No wonder she couldnt wait to get.

  11. Well done! Home safe & sound. Love the photos - so beautiful. Just so happy for you guys.

  12. Here I sit crying tears of joy again. I am so glad you are home. I expecially loved the pic of Ciilyn and your sister. Carrie-Jo is right. I want to come to Canada so I can finally meet the three of you. Can't wait!

  13. Welcome home! I bet it is a wonderful place to be with all the love and support you have around you. Be well and please keep us updated on Cailyn's growth. So happy for you guys.

  14. Wow, wow, wow! We are so very excited for you. Congratulations! I'm thankful we were able to meet you both and your precious little one while you were here. Cheers and best wishes!!

  15. So glad you guys are home safely! You have a beautiful family, and we wish you all the happiness life can bring. Enjoy every second with Cailyn; she is gorgeous! Love the pictures--keep them coming, please!

    Jill and Alex

  16. Must be wonderful to be home surrounded by family anf friends. Cailyn is so beautiful. Enjoy!

    Love Avey & Vinay

  17. Welcome home new family!!!! Your journey has finally BEGUN!

  18. Fantastic news that you made it home! Congrats to the three of you!

  19. Kerrie-- I am so thrilled for this new chapter in your life! All the best and I hope you'll still continue to update us on your BEAUTIFUL little girl!


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