Sep 6, 2011

Monday/Tuesday, things are rolling along

Monday morning I awoke to pure happiness in polka dots...

Hariz the cook had gone out all dressed up early in the morning so we decided to go out for breakfast. We headed to McDonald's for the second time in our trip, but this time we had Cailyn and took a rickshaw.

In the early evening Rahul came over to use and abuse me for my English language skills.  He is creating a website and asked for some help.  Here we are, the super think tank!  Yes maam.  Thank you maam, yes sir.

After our power meeting with Rahul we had a few glasses of wine with Baby Alex Jai from Ireland, and of course him mom and her aunt.  We sat in the living room here at the B&B and enjoyed the wine and company.  When we were ready to snap pics of the kiddo's together they both started to complain of wet bums so we called it a night.  We will for sure get some shots of Alex and Cailyn together for all of our memories.

Tuesday we had our photo shoot with Tim.  We went to Lodi Gardens to take family photos.  It was so much fun despite the fact that I despise having my picture taken.  Cailyn wore a new dress from Monnalisa (  in which she looked absolutely adorable!

 Here is Tim the photog in action:

Tim with Cailyn,  Cailyn is wearing just a purple Indian scarf

Mark, Tim and baby Cailyn.

We are super anxious to see the photos!  After Lodi gardens we went to Tim's house to shoot more solo photos of Cailyn, and as luck would have it she was awake for all of her solo shoot so I am sure Tim got some great shots of her beautiful blue eyes.    When we arrived home from the photo shoot we had a call from the Canadian High Commission.  They had a few questions about employment history which we answered and now they are running the checks with Canada.  Looks promising that we will have Cailyn's passport Wednesday!  Poonam (our immigration liaison) has our appointment booked in at MHA for Thursday which is super, and so efficient of her!   Wish us luck...

As previously mentioned we are big fans of the restuarant in M Block called Hell.  To give you an idea of the food they offer up, here are the bbq ribs and mashed potatoes and also the dessert pizza! YUM!

Just before dinner Tim sent us these four samples from today...we think they are gorgeous, beyond what we could have imagined!


  1. Love the pictures! Such a beautiful location. OMG I can't wait to meet Cailyn!!! <3
    And, of course, welcome both of you home as well. :D

    I'm guessing Mark had the ribs? :p

  2. Great pictures. You look like pros out and about shopping, dining, photos, riding in tuk-tuks!!!! We loved that shop at the mall and still love our little treasures we got there.
    Rahul is looking great! Best to all of you!

  3. OMG! Great pics! Can't wait to see all of them! Absolutely love the monalisa dress! Now I have baby girl envy hahahahaha!

    Gen XXX

  4. Your photos are amazing, so beautiful!!!!!!!! Please please PLEASE post a ton more of them when you get the full set back!!!! And best of luck in the coming days/MHS etc........ x

  5. Love the whole adventure from start to finish. I feel like I need to go to Canada to visit. Cailyn is a star and I see a fashionista already.

  6. Stunning, stunning, STUNNING. So glad you took the opportunity and had the photo shoot. The photos look so good full size on my computer screen, so I can only imagine how amazing they'll be huge on the various walls around your house. Not long until you get home now!!

  7. Oh my gosh, these are gorgeous!!! I can't believe how amazingly clear they are - PLUS, she's totally smiling in each one! LOVE IT!!! The pictures are just fantastic!

  8. Wow! Great pictures. Tim's a good guy! I am still trying to capture Jyoti's smile on photo. I'll let you know when I get one. Meanwhile, bowling?

  9. Beautiful pictures!!You all look adorable!!Love,love Cailyn's dress!!!She is sooo squishable!!Enjoy your time and good luck with MHS!!
    kathy and david

  10. Gorgeous photos! Can't wait to use the photographer as well. Hope to see you soon.

  11. The pictures are great! We might need to call Tim when we are there. Congrats on the movement towards Cailyn's passport. The ribs and mash potatoes look great, we will check Hell out when we are there.

  12. Stunning pictures....what a great idea.
    I love Mona Lisa ....I bought about 4 outfits there that are just starting to fit and up to age 2. So's hard not to go crazy in that shop.
    X Gemway

  13. LOVE THE NEWBORN PICTURES! This is something I always said I would do when I have a baby ;)


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