Sep 9, 2011


This morning (Friday) we called the High Commission as soon as it opened and...Cailyns' passport was ready.  I quickly called Poonam who told us to hurry up and get it as we have a 10:30 am appointment at the MHA.  We called for a car and got ready to go.  Then, we heard the rain, no, not the rain, more like the Heavens dumping Niagara Falls on New Delhi!  Outside the B&B was a flood, water rushed down our street and the rain pelted down at a fast pace.  So, our poor driver took over an hour to get here - sheer grid lock, cars failing as the river in the road killed their engines.  Rickshaws died and were being pushed to the side of the road.  At 10:30 our car arrived, needless to say our stress levels were a little high as we had clearly missed our MHA appointment. When our driver finally arrived he did his very best to weave through the streets and water to try to get us to the High Commission as soon as possible.  What is normally a 15 minute trip took 75 minutes!  When we arrived at the High Commission the guards were super friendly as always, joking with us as they scanned us with the metal detector and going through our bags...truly, a good experience with the security crew there. 
When we cleared security we dodged rain drops as we ran to the main building to collect Cailyns' passport. It was quickly delivered to us through the bullet proof glass wall at reception.  You know how the crazy prisoners get their food delivered to them through a drawer in their door due to the high risk of opening the cell door?  Well, that's how we were given the passport.  The metal drawer opened and contained a passport!! We thanked the consular services and boogied back to security, in the rain, to gather our electronics and head to the MHA - we were now over two hours late for our appointment!!  We stopped in Green Park and picked up Poonam (our immigration liaison) and headed to MHA.  When we finally arrived we went to the reception area at the front of the property.  It had an unusual (awful) smell as we sat and waited.  We heard the reception say that we were too late, no exit requests are processed after twelve noon.  Shiza!  Now what....  Poonam told us to sit and wait and she took her phone outside.  A few minutes later she came to us and said "come".  She worked her magic and got us in!!!  We passed security and walked up to the MHA office.  We took our seats by desk #1 and waited (again, another unusual smell).  Soon after one of the office staff attended to us.  We handed over all pertinent documents but had forgotten our marriage certificate.  Oops...  I flashed my wedding rings and said "does this count", he laughed and continued on.  The MHA process was simple, swift and most important..completed!  We really have Poonam to thank for making it all happen so easily!   could not imagine doing this solo.  We saw two Canadians there at the same time who were each alone, and quite frankly being completely ignored by the staffat MHA.
We are off to the FRO Monday afternoon, then Tuesday pack pack pack to go home!!!

Hariz our cook demonstrates how deep the water is on our street.

Water seeps up to the front stairs of our B&B

En route to the High Commission

May as well take off your shirt.

We considered the Mobile Dental clinic but decided to keep heading to the High Commission.

This sucks!

This fanatic was trying to keep his car from having any water spots!

Slow going in the streets of Delhi.

FINALLY - a passport!  One of the guards was happy to pose with the newest passport holder!  (Notice he puts his arm around Mark and not me....)

Can you see the relief in my smile?

All tuckered out in the car after the MHA, but proud to show off her temp. passport!

Woo hoo!! Just a few days til I actually go to Canada!!!!! (in her rediculously over sized CANADA onsie)

The news headlines highlight the week and all it had to offer!


  1. It's time for Delhi to get its annual bath...needed or not! We all get a memorable story from the exit process....glad that MHA worked out with a little assistance (we used to call it the Ministry of Homeland Stinkiness!) Best wishes at the FRRO on Monday...Do you have to get a secret sealed envelope from the MHA first? ...hope all that inquiry stuff is done with! Enjoy your final weekend in India!

  2. Thank you Poonam!! Fingers crossed all goes smoothly at your FRO appointment so that very soon I will be handing you a Tim's tea as you step into Arrivals, as planned. <3
    Or was it a coffee? :D

  3. Jesus, what next locusts????

  4. So happy this is working and soon you will be home safe and sound in Canada.

  5. Orion&#39;s GrannieSeptember 9, 2011 at 4:42 PM

    that's just craziness, the rain I mean. glad you eventually were successful, good luck at FFRO. will be praying for you all

  6. CRAZY!!! Wow, what an amazing story this will be to tell at Cailyn's birthday parties and, one day way down the road, her wedding rehearsal dinner!

  7. Wow Delhi has really turned it on for you! Glad you got the passport. Surely thats the last drama. They come in three's don't they???

  8. awwww, how cute! will really miss you guys.thanks for everything.

  9. Ah, too bad for the flood but what a good news! Passport! Yay!!! Will see you soon, can't wait!

    The Ebreo XXX

  10. Seriously? Now the only thing left is a VERY SAFE and uneventful travel home! Best to you guys for Monday.

  11. Anything else?!!!!You three have survived it all,that is for sure!!Hope your last few days are uneventful and your next big venture will be flying home,SAFE AND SOUND...: )
    kathy and david


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