Sep 11, 2011

Pahar Ganj, Parents Party and Taj Mahal

The last two days have been super super busy!  Saturday morning we dropped Cailyn off with the Aussie girls and then we headed to Pahar Ganj market - not a place to take the baby.  Rahul drove us in his BRAND new car, we were first to ride it in!  We shopped a bit at the market then went back to pick up Cailyn and then have coffee with a couple from New Jersey area.  After that, we rushed home to start getting ready for a new parents party in Noida.  As we arrived home, Mark went to M Block market with Rahul to buy a car seat for babies.  We talked to Rahul about having these available for SCI clients and he agreed and asked Mark to go with him and help him install it.  They got it done and we used it all day today as we drove 3.5 hours to Taj Mahal and 3.5 hours back.  Cailyn loved the car seat, and we enjoyed having her safe and comfy for such a long ride.
The parents party was in Noida at the Radisson Hotel.  We had good food and wine and champagne and beer and margaritas with Dr S, Vishal her husband , Neil her son and Dr Deene, embryologist.
Babies included our Cailyn, Alex from Ireland and Bjorn from Norway.  Also present was sweet Isla born in December 2010.
Pahar Ganj shopping.

Mark at Pahar Ganj

Delivery methods...

Pahar Ganj market
Poor little soul, sadly we see alot of this here.

Jersey gets to meet Cailyn!

Testing out Rahul's new car seat!

Dr S's nanny with Mark and Cailyn

Cailyn and her new friends L-R Baby Bjorn, Cailyn, Baby Alex Jai

Catching up about all things surrogacy and non-surrogacy

Dr S , Cailyn and me.  Love this picture...such a wonderful doctor!  Thanks for dinner last night!

Proud Doctor! (notice Cailyn has her leg resting on Alex...what a girl!)
Group shot! (alot of red eyes...its the camera, not the alcohol!)

AGRA...TAJ MAHAL..........
The drive to Agra is long!  We left at 4 am so the first half of the ride was in the dark.  When the sun rose we saw the villages along the way, the non-stop caravan of trucks and the farm workers starting their day by defecating on the side of the highway.  Lot's to see on this trip!  Rahul's home town is about 1.5 hours outside of Agra and as we drove through it he told us alot about his family, and shared some of his childhood memories.  After seeing where he grew up we totally understand why he loves being in Delhi!!

Caravan of large trucks, carrying containers, fuels etc...

Traffic chaos

Alot of cows on the way to Agra

Finally made it to Agra!

The long list of prohibited items...

Ah...the Taj

Curious locals

lunch time

How the farm girls travel to work

Buffalo!  There was a heard of them just cruising down the street...I think they actually hit Rahuls new car.

We had the cheesy photographer shots done, this is not so clear as we took a picture of a picture, but still, here is the fam at the Taj.  We only stayed one hour at the Taj Mahal so it would not be to hard on miss poopy pants Cailyn.

When Temmy arrived earlier in the week she brought these lovely dresses and shoes for Cailyn! Cannot wait til' Cailyn fits into them!


  1. Wow all your photos remind me of my visit to India a few years ago (not for surrogacy) and all the goodness in the people I encountered. Love this little travelogue and Cailyn is so adorable. When do you leave officially? Such an exciting adventure.

  2. Thats great you got Rahul to put a car seat in, what about twins? Lol!!! I loved the Taj and the beautiful story behind it. Looks like your having a great time!!!!

  3. Oh wow, Kerrie - on behalf of all future intended parents, thank you for buying the car seat. Wonderful!

    You look like you're having so much fun. I'm jealous :)

  4. Great idea the car seat. I really enjoyed all your pics and updates. Wishing you a safe journey home now.


  5. The car seat was a fantastic idea! Your pictures are wonderful and I am totally impressed that Cailyn hung in there for the drive back and forth to the Taj!


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