Sep 7, 2011

Wednesday night

We we settling into bed and all of a sudden...the whole house shook...I felt rumbling in and under the bed.  All of us guests congregated in the main living area and the consensus was..earthquake!  After the mini gathering and excitement we came back and switched on the news.

I think between the terrorist attacks in the morning and the earthquake in the evening, all of in Delhi are looking forward to a quiet day today!

And, on the cuteness side of yesterday...
Monkeys and bananas on my p'jamas.

Comfy pants.

Sleepy heads!


  1. Wow thats a lot of drama for one day!! Glad your all safe though

  2. My goodness, what is going on over there? We got home Tuesday evening after a long flight and hoping you guys are not too far behind. Thinking of you!!!

  3. Try and contain all the excitement over there! Just glad you ALL are ok. She is looking so BEAUTIFUL as always.

  4. Cailyn is already getting so much bigger. Can she get any cuter?????? Glad you are safe and sound. Can't wait until you are home safe and sound.

  5. Wow. We are so glad you are all alright. Hopefully the rest of your trip will be much less eventful! Cailyn is adorable and does look like she is getting bigger every day which I guess she is!

  6. Happy you are all safe, what a day!


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