Oct 31, 2011

Our little pumpkin. Happy Halloween!

Oh dear, not a happy girl! She decided she was suddenly hungry!

Much happier! (post bottle)


Ahhh...so pretty!! She had fun now that her belly was full.

Oct 24, 2011

Week 9

Week 9, hard to believe Cailyn is 9 weeks old!  Cailyn now sleeps 5-6 hours at night before needing a feed! YAY for mommy sleep too!!  Cailyn continues to be a very happy baby, all smiles except when she has a gassy episode which are thankfully few and far between.  She loves to be carted around in her stroller and even manages to sleep the entire walk through the rough trails of Rattray Marsh
We went to a car seat clinic put on by GM Canada and learned alot about car seat safety and local regulations.  Sadly, it seems my car is not car seat friendly so we are now on the hunt for a car that is.  I can keep the car seat safely in my car but it means I cannot have a passenger in the front seat, nor can we really use it as a family vehicle which has always been the case.  Our car seat is one of the more compact ones on the market so a new seat will not resolve the issue.  I AM NOT GETTING A VAN!
So, onto cuteness....

Cailyn loves to dance...ignore the shaky camera work as I was apparently grooving along with her!

Exhausted after going to the mall to by formula.

Put up your dukes!

Car rides are exhausting!
Smiling (stupid iPhone camera)

Sleeping bag from Nilesh in India

Just chillaxing in the vibrating chair

Cailyn LOVES to dance, put on music and she moves!

Another relaxing day at the office with wubbanub.
So alert! What a doll.

Enroute to buy formula.

Oct 19, 2011

TNF update and this and that...

My nextfamily update went up earlier this week and shame on me for being lazy about posting it here.   This update details my last few weeks at work and preparing to go to India for baby pick up and preparing for my long over due maternity leave!


The VERY best advertising ever!!! I could watch this over and over...she is the best!

And lastly, I have to put a pic of Cailyn up...

Oct 17, 2011

Two months already!

Cailyn is officially two months old today and where the heck has the time gone! Cailyn is truly an angel and a no fuss happy girl. We have resolved her constipation issues with pro-biotics and flax oil added to every bottle. Cailyn had her two month check up today and she is growing nicely. She is in the 50 percentile for all measures so she is right on track! Here are her update stats:

Birth weight  6.37 lbs
Weight at 5 weeks  8.08 lbs
Weight at 8 weeks  10.11 lbs 
Length at Birth  49.5 cm 
Length at 5 weeks  53.34 cm
Length at 8 weeks  56.00 cm

After the doctor Cailyn went to see her friend Tori.  Here are the two girls together lounging in their pj's. Tori is 6 months old and a lovely little girl.  Cailyn chose to play the shy girl for the photo shoot!

Cailyn is pretty much out of newborn sized clothes.  Some still fit her, but her length makes some of them a challenge.  I really love pants - add socks and you are set!  Tori has given Cailyn so many of her hand me downs that we are set for the next stage in sizes! 
Cailyns other little friend Harper gives her wonderful hand me downs too.  Harper is 7.5 months old.  We went out with Harper and her mom last week to cruise the mall.  Of course, both of us being bad moms forgot to snap a pic...  Here is Cailyn all dressed to go to the mall..

looking like a living doll!

Shortly after we returned from India a parcel arrived from Australia!  Nik, Lisa, Taj and Alex sent Cailyn some lovely clothes, alot that are sporting how proud the Aussies are!  Here is Cailyn wearing her leggings from Australia and her green Angel bejeweled shirt I bought at Liliput in M Block for her.  She seems to be getting the posing down...

Cailyn now smiles all the time!! She recognizes us as we enter a room and beams a big grin at us.  She loves having visitors and is comfortable with complete strangers.  She attempts a giggle and we know anyday now this will become a hearty laugh, which we cannot wait for!  She sleeps in her crib and can go 5 hours if she is really pooped out, especially if she spent some time in her jungle gym kicking her legs and punching at the hanging animals.  She has kind of lost interest in her swing and bouncy chair - this may be a phase, or permanent..only time will tell.   She is drooling like crazy so we wonder if she will cut teeth early? She loves to be sung to, and it seems Kiss "I wanna rock and roll all night" is a big hit, and her favourite song on the iPod that gets here dancing is Pumped up Kicks by Foster the People.   It is a bit of a Pavlovian experiment with her - when we put on the iPod or sing the Kiss song she automatically starts dancing (I guess better than salivating like the dog did in the actual experiment) And lastly, her fine little wrists are no longer.  They are now adorable little pudgy sausage rolls!

Oct 14, 2011

A picture for Allie and one for Kathy

Another adorable bib from Steph and Adam...a good pic for Allie  :)

The gorgeous sleeping bag from Kathy and Dave!! We call it her Angel bag!  Thanks Kathy and Dave!!

Just a cute pic of a very inquisitive girl in stripes.

Oct 12, 2011

Just pics...

Wearing my gift from Ireland!  Thanks Susan!  Notice the Sick Kids sporty ankle bracelet!  Cailyn had blood work done and did not even flinch.

Home from Sick Kids, changed into the other Irish gift sleeper!! Adorable!

No notes needed on this pic!  Thanks Steph and Adam for the most perfect bib!!!

Relaxing before the 22nd outfit change - spitting up is fun!

Sporting my Indian bangles from New Delhi!! Clothing courtesy of Amy (and Bo).  Thanks Amy!!

Uncle Stan feeds me on Thanksgiving while I wear my Halloween onsie from Auntie Christine!.

Close up of the beautiful pj's from Ireland - absolutely adorable!

iPhone pic - getting ready to go to Sick Kids...stay  naked til spitting up looks to be complete

Oct 10, 2011

Our Thanksgiving turkey

You can imagine we have one big thing to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!!   Thanks to Dr Shivani and SCI we have our own little turkey.

or a budding boxer....

Oct 5, 2011

An adorable stool!

Yesterday a delivery came to the house, and with great surprise I opened it up to find this..

Many thanks to Madge at thenextfamily.com for sending Cailyn such a unique and personalized gift!  Cailyn will be able to spell her name long before people can pronounce it!  Seems most people are calling her Caitlyn. 
Thank you Madge for your never ending support.  Not only have you supported us, you have found your place in our Indian surrogacy online world. I feel very fortunate that you found my blog last year and asked me to be a volunteer writer on the website with hopes of getting the good news of hope in India out to the readers.  We love ya!!

Oct 4, 2011

Kato kitty and my TNF update

Yesterday we lost Kato kitty. She was 19 years young!  When we came home from India she did not seem the same and over the last two weeks she quickly declined, loosing weight and not eating.  She was diagnosed with hypo-thyroidism in May and has been on meds ever since, and also showed signs of renal (kidney) disease.  The poor gal fought as hard as she could, but yesterday after an exam at the vet she showed signs of shutting down, and also a rapid growing grapefruit sized tumor was found in her abdomen.  It was with very heavy hearts we had to say goodbye to Kato.  It has been a rough year for us loosing two pets in three months time.  We hope Kato found Peeky last night and is giving him hell!  We will miss Kato dearly, her silly face and crazy antics were such a joy in our home.

Also, my NextFamily update continues as of yesterday.  I took a break while we were off to India to meet Cailyn and now am able to continue writing.  I feel fortunate that I can share our story and inspire others that there is indeed hope, in India.


Oct 3, 2011

Cailyn update

Cailyn is growing like a weed!!  Last week was an interesting week as we discovered the "witching hour".  Every night from 10 pm to almost midnight she decided to scream, cry and remain inconsolable.  We are not quite sure why..gas maybe?growing pains? adjusting to her homeland time zone?  Regardless of the cause, it made for some very exhausting nights.  This seemed to have resolved itself, THANK GOD and now our little angel is back. 
Cailyn will be seven weeks old on Wednesday and seeing her change and grow daily has made for an amazing seven weeks thus far.  On Saturday she had a visit from 11 week old Dylan who wanted to be first in line for the future!  Dylan is an adorable little boy who will definitely be popular when he gets older.  Having two gorgeous Colombian parents, Dylan is certainly set in the looks department.  On Sunday, Cailyn had a visit from  a couple leaving for India late October to cycle.  They came with yummy brownies for us and two wonderful gifts for Cailyn.  Thanks Kathy and Dave, and best of luck for your upcoming cycle!!!  Thursday night auntie Christine came over and spent time enjoying Cailyn and getting to know her a bit better. And of course, we forgot to take pictures of Cailyn and her visitors. We must get better at that!!!
Early in the week Cailyn's official Health Card arrived!!  We hope to not need to use it, but are happy to have it taken care of just in case.  She has a temporary health card until her "real" passport arrives as proof of citizenship.  According to the High Commission this will take 6-8 weeks so it should be anytime now.
This weekend marks our first "holiday" weekend with Cailyn.  It will be an amazing time for us as we can finally be "that couple" who walks around on a cool Thanksgiving day with baby in tow.  We are so looking forward to it!
Here are a few pics from the week (all taken with iPhone - so not the best quality)...

MC Hammer pants!

Crazy tongue action a constant with Cailyn.

Lots of pillows and blankets for the little doll.

Ah. the sleeping bag - much needed as the weather turns cooler here for fall.

Congratulations to our local friends Gen and Winston on the birth of Kai Benjamin!!!  Cannot wait to meet this little boy!!