Oct 5, 2011

An adorable stool!

Yesterday a delivery came to the house, and with great surprise I opened it up to find this..

Many thanks to Madge at thenextfamily.com for sending Cailyn such a unique and personalized gift!  Cailyn will be able to spell her name long before people can pronounce it!  Seems most people are calling her Caitlyn. 
Thank you Madge for your never ending support.  Not only have you supported us, you have found your place in our Indian surrogacy online world. I feel very fortunate that you found my blog last year and asked me to be a volunteer writer on the website with hopes of getting the good news of hope in India out to the readers.  We love ya!!


  1. Hiya Kerrie

    Just been catching up with your blog. What a wonderful, thoughtful gift. So sorry to hear about your Kitty. Cailyn is growing so fast - simply beautiful.


  2. Oh, good. It's that kind of stool. I was thinking of poop when I read your title. Such a cute little step stool! :)

  3. Kerrie, from the moment I found you online I considered you a friend. I have followed you and even was lucky enough to talk to you live on Skype before the big day of birth. Love to all. I am so glad you loved the stool.

  4. I had to laugh, when I saw your blog title, I was thinking of a different type of stool as well and thinking that you had truly embraced motherhood!

    The step stool IS really cute!

  5. I was totallyscared to click on the link. Like omfg is she going to show us her baby's poop?????
    Cute step-stool :)

  6. HAHAHA...i so thought the same thing as everyone else, baby poop, lol. It is sooo cute, love it.

  7. You are quite the devoted mother, but I'm glad you didn't show us a picture of Cailyn's "other" stool!


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