Oct 3, 2011

Cailyn update

Cailyn is growing like a weed!!  Last week was an interesting week as we discovered the "witching hour".  Every night from 10 pm to almost midnight she decided to scream, cry and remain inconsolable.  We are not quite sure why..gas maybe?growing pains? adjusting to her homeland time zone?  Regardless of the cause, it made for some very exhausting nights.  This seemed to have resolved itself, THANK GOD and now our little angel is back. 
Cailyn will be seven weeks old on Wednesday and seeing her change and grow daily has made for an amazing seven weeks thus far.  On Saturday she had a visit from 11 week old Dylan who wanted to be first in line for the future!  Dylan is an adorable little boy who will definitely be popular when he gets older.  Having two gorgeous Colombian parents, Dylan is certainly set in the looks department.  On Sunday, Cailyn had a visit from  a couple leaving for India late October to cycle.  They came with yummy brownies for us and two wonderful gifts for Cailyn.  Thanks Kathy and Dave, and best of luck for your upcoming cycle!!!  Thursday night auntie Christine came over and spent time enjoying Cailyn and getting to know her a bit better. And of course, we forgot to take pictures of Cailyn and her visitors. We must get better at that!!!
Early in the week Cailyn's official Health Card arrived!!  We hope to not need to use it, but are happy to have it taken care of just in case.  She has a temporary health card until her "real" passport arrives as proof of citizenship.  According to the High Commission this will take 6-8 weeks so it should be anytime now.
This weekend marks our first "holiday" weekend with Cailyn.  It will be an amazing time for us as we can finally be "that couple" who walks around on a cool Thanksgiving day with baby in tow.  We are so looking forward to it!
Here are a few pics from the week (all taken with iPhone - so not the best quality)...

MC Hammer pants!

Crazy tongue action a constant with Cailyn.

Lots of pillows and blankets for the little doll.

Ah. the sleeping bag - much needed as the weather turns cooler here for fall.

Congratulations to our local friends Gen and Winston on the birth of Kai Benjamin!!!  Cannot wait to meet this little boy!!


  1. So adorable. Your life sounds busy and fulfilled. Such exciting times and they go by so quickly so soak them all in. Cailyn is getting more and more gorgeous even as she gets bigger.

  2. love this 'tongue action' picture.wish i could hold her

  3. Cailyn is just so cute. Enjoy your family long weekend.


  4. The holidays take on a whole new meaning when you have a child to share them with. So, so glad it's now your turn.

  5. She is so beautiful and delicate! (But this you know:) Thanks for the update!!!


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