Oct 17, 2011

Two months already!

Cailyn is officially two months old today and where the heck has the time gone! Cailyn is truly an angel and a no fuss happy girl. We have resolved her constipation issues with pro-biotics and flax oil added to every bottle. Cailyn had her two month check up today and she is growing nicely. She is in the 50 percentile for all measures so she is right on track! Here are her update stats:

Birth weight  6.37 lbs
Weight at 5 weeks  8.08 lbs
Weight at 8 weeks  10.11 lbs 
Length at Birth  49.5 cm 
Length at 5 weeks  53.34 cm
Length at 8 weeks  56.00 cm

After the doctor Cailyn went to see her friend Tori.  Here are the two girls together lounging in their pj's. Tori is 6 months old and a lovely little girl.  Cailyn chose to play the shy girl for the photo shoot!

Cailyn is pretty much out of newborn sized clothes.  Some still fit her, but her length makes some of them a challenge.  I really love pants - add socks and you are set!  Tori has given Cailyn so many of her hand me downs that we are set for the next stage in sizes! 
Cailyns other little friend Harper gives her wonderful hand me downs too.  Harper is 7.5 months old.  We went out with Harper and her mom last week to cruise the mall.  Of course, both of us being bad moms forgot to snap a pic...  Here is Cailyn all dressed to go to the mall..

looking like a living doll!

Shortly after we returned from India a parcel arrived from Australia!  Nik, Lisa, Taj and Alex sent Cailyn some lovely clothes, alot that are sporting how proud the Aussies are!  Here is Cailyn wearing her leggings from Australia and her green Angel bejeweled shirt I bought at Liliput in M Block for her.  She seems to be getting the posing down...

Cailyn now smiles all the time!! She recognizes us as we enter a room and beams a big grin at us.  She loves having visitors and is comfortable with complete strangers.  She attempts a giggle and we know anyday now this will become a hearty laugh, which we cannot wait for!  She sleeps in her crib and can go 5 hours if she is really pooped out, especially if she spent some time in her jungle gym kicking her legs and punching at the hanging animals.  She has kind of lost interest in her swing and bouncy chair - this may be a phase, or permanent..only time will tell.   She is drooling like crazy so we wonder if she will cut teeth early? She loves to be sung to, and it seems Kiss "I wanna rock and roll all night" is a big hit, and her favourite song on the iPod that gets here dancing is Pumped up Kicks by Foster the People.   It is a bit of a Pavlovian experiment with her - when we put on the iPod or sing the Kiss song she automatically starts dancing (I guess better than salivating like the dog did in the actual experiment) And lastly, her fine little wrists are no longer.  They are now adorable little pudgy sausage rolls!


  1. The Aussie inspired clothing was a hint to get you down here one year during summer... Be thankful I didn't manage to find a bikini in Cailyn's size - lol!!! So have you received anything other than clothes as gifts? I think all of us with boys welcomed the excuse to look at the other things on offer in the kids shops - especially as all that pink glittery stuff seems to take over about 75% of the floor space.

  2. She is growing so fast...and yet she seems so tiny compared to our heavyweights!!!! TAKE LOTS MORE PICTURES...you'll be celebrating 1 year before you blink an eye.

  3. I thought she was so big until compared to the 6 month old. How cute she is with all her new outfits. So adorable. Love this child and her parents.

  4. Even since I saw her recently she has grown soo much!!She is soo adorable in all her outfits!!Thanks for sharing!!

  5. She's beautiful! I continue to be amazed by your precious miracle!!!

  6. Awwwww she is so adorable, glad you are enjoying motherhood.

  7. She's a sophisticated little lady with her love for both foster and kiss. Play her some cataracts. She'll coo approval I am sure.
    I caption first photo: holy gigantic baby coming at me mom! Help!
    She's not shy - she's playing defense :)

  8. I loved reading this update! She is so beautiful. I'm sure you guys are still beaming with joy. Have fun with your little one (if you can still call her that!).

  9. Those chubby cheeks get me every time!


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