Oct 24, 2011

Week 9

Week 9, hard to believe Cailyn is 9 weeks old!  Cailyn now sleeps 5-6 hours at night before needing a feed! YAY for mommy sleep too!!  Cailyn continues to be a very happy baby, all smiles except when she has a gassy episode which are thankfully few and far between.  She loves to be carted around in her stroller and even manages to sleep the entire walk through the rough trails of Rattray Marsh
We went to a car seat clinic put on by GM Canada and learned alot about car seat safety and local regulations.  Sadly, it seems my car is not car seat friendly so we are now on the hunt for a car that is.  I can keep the car seat safely in my car but it means I cannot have a passenger in the front seat, nor can we really use it as a family vehicle which has always been the case.  Our car seat is one of the more compact ones on the market so a new seat will not resolve the issue.  I AM NOT GETTING A VAN!
So, onto cuteness....

Cailyn loves to dance...ignore the shaky camera work as I was apparently grooving along with her!

Exhausted after going to the mall to by formula.

Put up your dukes!

Car rides are exhausting!
Smiling (stupid iPhone camera)

Sleeping bag from Nilesh in India

Just chillaxing in the vibrating chair

Cailyn LOVES to dance, put on music and she moves!

Another relaxing day at the office with wubbanub.
So alert! What a doll.

Enroute to buy formula.


  1. Cailyn is such a darling little girl.

  2. So happy you are enjoying mommy life! She continues to look more beautiful with every post!

  3. Love, love, love, the video. The next girl superstar dancer. All the photos are adorable. Why can't someone sit in your front passenger seat?

  4. What a beauty! I love that she's already dancing!!! That's a sign of happiness to be sure!

  5. You are so getting a van, aren't you? :)

  6. such happy dancing!!! i'm still sooooooo happy for u all x

  7. Great rhythm......she gonna play soprano or mellophone??? Chris and I will vote for mellophone so WE win!!
    Oh and you will go van. I actually LOVE mine. I can see everything, tons of room for storage and trips to Costco and IKEA. It will happen.

  8. lollllllll!!!!!! cant stop laughing seeing her dance. i think you guys should enter her into a dancing competition. Cailyn WILL WIN. so cute

  9. That video is classic! She is true beauty and brains with dance moves!! Love the pics and your captions..LOVE IT!!


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