Nov 14, 2011

Surrogacy in India...a good thing!

Where do we start?

Firstly, congrats to the whole gang in India with all the twin births!! Three sets of twins to three very deserving families!  The twin goodness is found on their blogs which I have the links on my sidebar...go check them out!

Our update is live this week...I keep the link updated over here now  ------------>

We have a new feature page on!  We opted to put our story out there, beyond this blog and to show a very positive experience in India.  Sometimes only the unfortunate stories get published in mass and we are anxious to override them!  There is always good and bad in every situation, but as of late, India is providing all great positive stories with happy healthy babies and parents!  Please have a look at the link:

Onto Cailyn...
Cailyn continues to grow grow grow!  She is sleeping a fair bit these days which is a good sign of a growth spurt.  For the last 5 weeks , Cailyn rarely slept during the day, anxious to not miss a thing!  As of last week, she sleeps a bit during the day and is sleeping 10 hours at night.  Grow baby grow!

We really struggled with the whole vaccine dilemma.  Cailyn is the most precious thing in our life and the thought of putting her at any risk has made the decision very difficult.   Canadian guidelines recommend vaccinations start at 2 months...well, that time has passed and we took this time to really think about it, weighing out the pros and cons of going either way.  In our research we have found that most people are very misguided about the local regulations especially when it comes to schooling.  So, with very mixed thoughts, we will vaccinate...ugh.  It's a terribly hard pill for us to swallow.  I know that the vaccines will protect her from polio, measles etc, but at the same time I hate the thought of injecting her with even the smallest dose of medical poison.  We plan to do it this Friday so that daddy is available to help out overnight if needed.  Wish us luck!

We picked up our new ride on Wednesday!  The back has privacy tinted windows and its own set of heat/air vents!  Cailyn seems to love it so far!

Daddy feeding - Cailyn is so long now she has to put her feet up on mark's chest!
Oh so little before...

Ah, being on the tummy - causes a nice milky drool!

Cailyn had a visitor all the way from India! Despite the language barrier, Daadi managed to coax Cailyn into a nice little nap.

This is our girl, always smiling!!  (iPhone pics really are bad quality)

Chillin in polka dots.  (another crummy iPhone pic)


  1. I am glad you are vaccinating. I am sure you know you can separate the vaccinations and not do all of them at one time. One DIL did the separated ones and my other DIL did them all together. All good results either way. The alternative is too dangerous and some of these dread diseases are coming back with kids not vaccinated.
    Now on to the photos. Cailyn is so cute and just so happy. Always smiling. I love the one from the Iphone with the big wide smile.
    I also loved the new website.

  2. Vaccination is a hot topic. Be at peace with you decisions. Cailyn is amazingly cute. Enjoy!

  3. Your story on the new website is wonderful and very informative for those looking into surrogacy in india from canada!!
    Love the updated pictures!!Cailyn seems to be sprouting like crazy!!She is a cutie!!

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