Nov 7, 2011

Week 11

My goodness, the time goes so quickly!! Cailyn had a visit from baby Kai who is one month old, and seeing him reminded me of how much Cailyn has grown!  We opted to buy a new vehicle and sorted that out on the weekend.  Hopefully, god willing, we will be able to have a sibling for Cailyn so we opted to go for an SUV that could accommodate all the baby gear and hopefully another baby one day.  We are just waiting to hear on the availability of the new vehicle..hopefully soon (like this week) so we can have a family vehicle again, that is safe for all of us. 
Last night Cailyn decided she was ready to laugh, out loud! It was the cutest thing ever!!!  She definitely has a girlie laugh! Cailyn has also started to cut a tooth!  White bud is visible and the clear never ending drool too.  It's early but there is not really a textbook baby is there.  Cailyn also says "hi" frequently, and it's not just us who hear it.  She has said "I love you" when we sing Skiddamarink a few times also.  She is a busy busy girl who chooses NOT to sleep during the day for fear of missing something fun.

Cailyn is a chunky monkey for sure! Sweet little Kai checking out the couch cushions.

She needs to dance!

Sunday we went for a walk in the marsh with my sister.

This is from this morning, our always smiling little gem!


  1. Hi Kerry

    11 weeks - at this stage I'll still be in India!! Cailyn has grown. She is beautiful and seems so happy and contented. Good luck on the car front and thinking longer term definately right approach.


  2. She has gotten so big!!! Glad to hear about a potential sibling project!!! Maybe our paths will cross yet, lol!!! Rene'

  3. A genius!!!!!!!!!!! Of course she is.

  4. Cailyn's turn to be the giant baby!!!!!

  5. Looks just like her pretty mommy! What a beautiful little gal!

  6. She is so happy to be your kid! Ya'll are doing a great job!

  7. How freaking cute is Cailyn!!!! Glad things are going well, love your updates look forward to the next one.

  8. I agree with the others. Cailyn seems like such a happy baby, and oh so cute.


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