Nov 22, 2011

Week 13

Besides the fact that it is starting to get super cold here, not a lot happened in the last week.  We had some nice social visits with other surrogacy clients who all enjoyed the pure chubbiness of Cailyns' little legs. 
Cailyn eats, poops, sleeps and has very impressive social skills.  She lets anyone hold her and always has a smile (except when she feels the fussiness of spit up making its way up her esphogus).  She has discovered television! Oh ..not good.  She will turn her neck in true exorcist fashion to watch it, and has even given me the business when I turned her away from it!  Time to nip that in the bud!
Cailyn gets very excited when Mark comes home from work.  At that time, for about one hour,  mommy no longer exists. It is really adorable to watch her coo over her daddy.  All of this is exactly what we have wanted for all these years.  Life is good with Cailyn in it!

Sometimes she eats in her bathrobe!

Look at those arms!!!  Looks like she may be strawberry blonde.

The shirt was given to us by Lara and Posh while in India.  It is just so adorable (and almost too small now)!!

Daddy and his girl chillaxing. Notice the tarp like bib on her to catch the pools of spit up!


  1. So, so happy for you both, and for how blessed Cailyn is to have your love. I worked in inner city schools for 35 years, and it alway broke my heart when children were not treasured.

  2. She is getting so big! How lucky are we to love our children so much! How lucky are we that they chose us? Like your heart walking around outside your body, such a true statement.

  3. Adorable in the bathrobe! I know about the television! Not a good thing! My dad likes to put Orion on his knee in front of it but I don't want him watching it at all... except for maybe the odd disney movie or 2... like winnie the pooh :)

  4. The photos are delicious.

  5. You can hear the love in your words! She is adorable.

  6. my little Cailyn is getting cuter by the day, i have to be at her first birthday and av started saving

  7. Yay, yay, yay! You have waited so long for these moments. Enjoy!

  8. Holy Cow!!I cant believe how much she has grown!!She is getting cuter and cuter!!!

  9. What a beautiful little soul. It just keeps getting better, doesn't it?



  10. Ok those smiles are just awesome!!! Thanks for the post and I realized Cailyn was born just about the time we became pregnant!...give or take a week. Happy 13 weeks little girl!


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