Nov 29, 2011

Week 14

Cailyn is 14 weeks old!! Soon we can call her 4 months! I previously posted a pic of Cailyn with Santa, but wanted to show off how cute she was in her Christmas gown!  Not alot to say other than Cailyn is always smiling, always giggly and now can hold rattles, sleeps through the night and finds it hilarious when I exercise.  I have joined BodyMorph - vibrating oscillation workout.  Cailyn and I go every day, and she finds it hilarious as all my rolls and jelly butt wiggle and jiggle.  She laughs, but I am down 5 pounds in the first week!  Check out this week to read about our surprise that finally, we have our baby....girl!  ------->

Life is great with Cailyn!

Something came from Australia!!!  Cailyn spit up from sheer excitement!!!

The second dress for the next picture
My work has a Childrens Christmas party, Cailyn looked adorable....


  1. What a beautiful, happy baby.

  2. What a sweet, pretty, little lady!

    Orions Grannie

  3. Wow you celebrate early. I love all the outfit changes. She is the cutest. Happy Holidays.

  4. What a great christmas you will have this year with your very own little elf!!! She looks so cute in her little oufits!!!

  5. Love love love the outfits! Mommy had great taste...keep up the good work you fashionista, LOL.

    Happy Holidays!

  6. Dear Kerrie, I was just catching up on your TNF updates. I loved reading about the day Cailyn was born-- it made me cry. She is as cute as ever in her Santa outfits. Much love to you all!

  7. Kerrie, she is looking very healthy and very happy to have you & Mark as parents! 4 months already!! Time flies, and it seems like just last week I was getting ready to fly out on my vacation and you were awaiting the news of Cailyn's birth. Hugs. Anna B.


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