Dec 13, 2011

Having multiples!

No no, not us, just wanted to give a big shout out to all our friends who have had multiples!  Mark and I often make mention of how hard it must be to have multiples, hard, yet joy filled.  Tonight as I write this, I am exhausted.  We have a little girl who feels no need to sleep from 9 am to 10:30 pm and I can only imagine the fatigue that would come with two, or three , or my goodness four!  We love every minute of it as do you I am sure.  Besides the busy-ness, there are the constant wardrobe changes due to Niagara Falls style spit up.  Bibs...what a waste of time!   So, my friends, parents of multiples,  I have huge respect for you!  I am not sure how you stay standing, but god love ya for being such wonderful parents!!!

Onto the princess diaries....

Cailyn's 16th week started as previously posted with vaccinations.  The aftermath of diarrhea, increased spit up and general fussiness ended about 72 hours after the shots.  Cailyn attended a birthday party for a 2 year old and was much enjoyed by the parents and the birthday boy, who just happens to be the sweetest most gentle little guy (xoxo Nathaneal).  Week 16 also found mommy and grandparents all sick.  Mommy recovered quickly and we continued on about our daily routine of getting me into shape.  Mark came home from work early most days in week 16 so Cailyn really got to enjoy time with her daddy.  The daily dance party continues, have video to upload of her "rockin out" - planning to do this over the next few days.  Cailyn is teething like a bastard and the drool only adds to the ongoing wardrobe changes.  She likes "Sophie" but Sophie is a bit big still for her to gnaw on.

Sophie is too big for my mouth!

Chillaxin in the king size bed

Reading in the king size bed

All bundled to go out! (And yes, thats a sun hat on her head...if it fits, wear it!)

Childrens Christmas party

What an angel when she DOES sleep! The sleeping bag is from India (Mom&Me)...thanks Nilesh!! I wish we had a few more of them as they are the best we have used so far!

Tummy time in jailbird stripes!

Tummy time is FUN!

Laughing during tummy time

Rolled over to the reward of pastic keys on a ring.


  1. Multiples are definitely challenging...I have set up a Shrine in honor of Edward and Paul for tackling triplets! Two for us is quite enough thank you.

    Now about being sick...Both Eva an Rose came down with Strep last week and a cold which they promptly passed on to Baba, Daddy, Aunty, Granny, Neice Hannah, and anyone within snot wiping and germ carrying range.

    Sick multiples...let the therapy begin.

  2. Cailyn is so adorable and I love the one on the bed just chllin. Does she have teeth already? Teething can go on for so long without any sign of teeth. My kids were late to get teeth which predicts later puberty which was true in their case. They grew the most after college.

  3. I will take the compliment! Raising 3 babies is not as hard as you think because if you are doing it for one you do it for 3. The hardest thing is finding the time to give them all the same amount of attention.
    I love the photos of Cailyn and the love in your words.

  4. Hi there!
    We are also impressed by those parents out there who is parents of multiples. We waited for a while but now we are trying again for a sibling, more correctly siblings.

    Alwina is growing and in this writing she is sitting in my knee looking at your lovely pictures. She is pointing at Cailyn saying "bebe" (baby). You say "bebis" in swedish.

    We love your pictures.

  5. Some friends of mine have 13 children (some biological and some adopted). They have been trying to cut through red tape to adopt five siblings. Although they are not babies, adding five more to the mix boggles my mind. I do so admire them.
    On another note, Kailyn just gets cuter by the picture. Your long awaited blessing sure seems to be bringing much joy. I know I've said this a million times, but I am just so happy for you. Have a blessed Christmas.

  6. Wonderful pictures! You truly have a lot to enjoy :)

  7. Let's just say, it is never boring with 4! Especially now that all of them are at their most active (and mischievous) stage yet! I wouldn't change a thing, and without a doubt, we find 4 toddlers easier than 4 infants were (just remember "easier" is a relative term -- it's not easy at all!)

    Cailyn is such a cutie. By the way, Cailyn is the middle name of one of our daughters!

  8. Kerrie-cailyn just keeps getting cuter! Love her Christmas dress! Sorry to hear you two were under the weather:(

    Rooney is struggling with spit up issues. She was fine on he Indian lactodex, but now has acid reflux and is on special formula and Zantac.

    I have wondered often over the past five weeks how people do it with there and four babies. I feel bad having to split my attention/arms between two.

  9. Can you even remember what life was like before her? What did you talk about, lol? I try to remember my life before kids, but it's hard...She is so cute and appears to be doing very well!!! I love the age she is now...still likes going in the stroller; still loves mama!! Mine are 11 and 8 and at times i believe they are both embarrassed by me!! Take care, Rene

  10. Our 2 sets of twins were 5 months apart and fortunately we got past the night feedings, etc. before the 2nd set arrived. Unfortunately, our first set also had major spit-up (I would characterize it more as projectile spit-up!) and reflux issues too from around 3-6 months, but after that they both gradually got MUCH better. They were on Prevacid and then Nexium during this time.

  11. In some ways, multiples are easier than a single baby as they entertain each other, learn to parallel play, and challenge developmental milestones.
    In many MANY other ways, it's much more challenging but there are real benefits of multiples too.
    Personally, we wouldn't change a thing...with less than 3, we'd be bored with all our free time! :-) Todd on the other, that's a family to inspire awe!!!
    P.S. Mikes - awww...we have a shrine for your family too....after all, we may have never had the guts to create our family if you didn't share your path first!!!

  12. i love the 'book worm' picture!! you have a little cute

  13. She is a TRUE bundle of sheer JOY! My favorite is the Chirldren's christmas party photo - looking good Kerrie! Hugs! Hugs! Hugs! Anna B.

  14. Awwwww, that's sweet! I take ALL my tips from Todd and Alper the multiple pro's. ;)

  15. Hi Kerrie,
    Cailyn is so gorgeous and those cheeks seem to be really filling out. What a fantastic Christmas you will have this year. Love the snow suit and the sun hat !!!!
    Multiples are such a gift! yes very challenging at times especially when they decide to play tag team sleeping so mummy and daddy only get 1 to 2 hours sleep but the others are right, there are many benefits as well such as them entertaining each other and playing smack down wresting together. Best Wishes. x Gemway
    P.S My little princess is the champion smack down wrestler and I often come out to find her brother being face planted into the rug (given he is such a boof it is ironic)

  16. Heck, I thought I'd missed some important news! She is just so lovely!!!

  17. Cailyn is just so beautiful and cute. Wishing you a wonderful 1st Christmas with your little girl.


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