Dec 16, 2011

One year ago....

One year ago (Dec. 16/2010) we had 6 little embryos transferred in India, the same day baby Isla was born.  Happy first birthday Isla!!!!   Last year on this day we were very busy packing to fly home after our IVF in New Delhi.  We were anxious to hear about our transfers  (2 surrogates) but were quite occupied with sorting out going home.   It was also on that day that I turned 40 and got to be 40 for 10.5 hours longer due to the time change in India!
Oh how a year can change life!! I will always remember turning 40 as such an optimistic time in my life! update is live today.  This week I detail Cailyn's second day at the hospital and finally getting to hold her and bring her home!


  1. Indeed, what a year makes. So many memories and the most beautiful baby to show for it.

  2. I just knew it would work and it would be a girl!

  3. You have inspired so many (like us) to never give up and that dreams can come true! SJ & B xx

  4. This shows you that so much can happen in just one year!!You have been a great inspiration for all of us going through this surrogacy journey.And i am sure you will continue to do so for along time.
    Wishing you a great birthday celebration as a another new year of adventures of parenthood is just around the corner for you!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY KERRIE!!!


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