Dec 5, 2011

Week 15

So, we vaccinated.  It is with a very mixed heart that I say this.  Since my life tends to take a naturopathic approach, I/we have agonized over vaccinating.  This was an extremely difficult decision for us.  I know most parents vaccinate because that's what "we" do and the doctor's appointment progress in such a way that it just becomes part of the routine.  I on the other hand question everything especially concerning pharmaceuticals. We are fortunate to have a doctor who supported us either way, but when I walked into her office to say we were vaccinating, she was very pleased.  She mentioned a recent study that linked vaccinating to lowered incidence of SIDS.  I told her this was not a selling point for me nor are any of the other studies, and fortunately, she understands me and continued on to make sure I was super comfortable and "ok" at that moment (which I wasn't). 
The first part of the visit was a general check up.  Despite spitting up what seems 4 of the 5oz Cailyn eats, she has packed on some weight and grew a few cm's in length.  She remains in the 50th percentile which is great, tracking at average on all measures.   After the check up the two dreaded needles came out.  Dr P was super quick, one in one leg, the second in the other leg.  Cailyn had a delayed reaction and shortly after the second one started to cry.  It broke my heart.  I felt uber guilty that I had done this too her.  Fortunately she is such a great little girl that she recovered quickly and was ready to get the heck out of there! Once home for the rest of the day, Cailyn did well.  Late in the afternoon she showed signs of being a bit fussy and had a little cry to let me know.  She then had a nice sleep, then a little cry then another little sleep - these things are all outside of her norm.  She doesn't cry and she rarely naps so I knew the pattern was her dealing with the medical toxins and discomfort at point of entry.  Poor little sausage.
Cailyn continues to say "HI!" and feels the need to interrupt adult conversation with her boisterous and adorable Hi!  She can hold rattles, toys etc with ease and sits up with support - not long now until she can sit up on her own. We have not started her on solids and do not plan to until she is minimum six months.  The timing of feeding solids is another parent controversy with different schools of thoughts.  Cailyn continues to sleep through the night YAY! Every day is full of fun with our little girl! 

Al dressed to head out!

An adorable ensemble from Rinku!! Notice the gorgeous faux fur vest - what a riot!! By Cailyn's expression you can see she is not loving being all dressed up.

The preferred choice of clothing by Cailyn, happier.

Post strip down, having fun with daddy!

Birth weight  6.37 lbs
Weight at 5 weeks  8.08 lbs
Weight at 8 weeks  10.11 lbs 
Weight at 15 weeks  14.02 lbs 
Length at Birth  49.5 cm 
Length at 5 weeks  53.34 cm
Length at 8 weeks  56.00 cm
Length at 15 weeks  62 cm


  1. Okay this child looks so much like Mark. What a cutie. Glad you vaccinated since some of these diseases rear their ugly heads when an outbreak and only those not vaccinated get it. I know you can take the shots separately if need be too. And not all at once. Did she also get her polio vaccination? Is that still a squirt in the mouth?

  2. Yes she does look so much like Daddy. Our fears and worries about our children never fade as they get older. You both look like you are doing a wonderful job and Cailyn is very loved. Wish you lived closer.

  3. She really looks so much like daddy! :) Cute, I bet he recognizes himself a lot in her.

    I too was uncertain about vaccination, when Jennifer was little, but after reading quite an impressive bunch of scientific articles, we decided to do it despite our doupt. I had a plan about waiting with the triple vaccine until she was much older than 1,5 years but since we were heading to India at 14 months, Jennifer instead got her Morbilli/Rubella/Parotitis vaccine earlier.
    On the other hand, we are not planning to vaccinate our new baby in India as many choose to do. This is also following our fantastic pediatrician's recommendation. We do it back home at 3 months of age. It's tough enough being new in this world. Vaccinations can wait. The baby wouldn't get any immunity anyway before we are back. I hope nursing will protect our baby aswell.
    I totally understand your feelings and thoughts about vaccinating your little one, but hopefully you did the right thing and instead of doing this as a bad thing to her, gave her precious protection against dangerous diseases.
    Big comforting hugs,

  4. She is a cute one, and I agree she looks like Mark.

  5. She's getting so big!!! I'm happy to hear you all are doing well!

  6. So glad you decided to vaccinate. Would hate to have anything scary happen to your little pumpkin. I asked our physician to space out vaccinations, so we would do 2 or 3 on one visit, then come back a few weeks later for the rest. Seemed to work well as Micah never had any reaction or even seemed to notice after the initial cry. She's looking quite adorable, and I can't believe she's sitting and saying "hi" - very precocious!

  7. wow, shes growing beautifully!! I still cant believe she says Hi...too cute!

    Love the pics and post :)

  8. She is too cute!!! I remember my oldest first vaccines...she was still crying when I was in line to check out...all of the other babies were in their carriers looking all cute and she was still screaming her head off...but, that is her personality...she is 11 and still a drama queen until the end....Glad you went with the vaccination..I do believe the benefit outweighs the risks..give her a kiss...and tell her "Hi!" Rene'

  9. Dear Kerrie

    Cailyn is so adorable and she is definately looking bigger. Always difficult regards vaccinations but for what it is worth I think you made the right decision. We ensured Mia was fully vaccinated, although it does break your heart at the time.



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