Dec 31, 2012

Christmas, gastro and so spolied!

Christmas came and went with one over excited little girl who's sleeping pattern went to hell in a hand basket!  Since Christmas day Cailyn has had a viral gastro issue.  We have been busy cleaning up random vomits, messy diapers and cuddling up with a sick little lamb.  Overall she has been feeling ok, just the randomness of it makes it difficult.  We were supposed to go to a friends house for New Year's eve celebrations tonight but have opted out due to Cailyn not feeling well and also - the possible cleaning bill of said friends white carpets!   Today we opted to buy some Pedialite and gripe water to see if this helps at all.  Cailyn was of course spoiled, mainly by her Aunt Christine who gave her loads of clothes, an alphabet abacus and a whole pile of books!  Grandma and Grandpa gave her a Leapfrog lap top and light up shoes! Uncle Stan and Elena gave her Rosita - a Sesame Street doll, some washable markers and a puzzle.  Needless to say, we had to rearrange our house to accommodate all the new toys!

Tearing open a gift!

And another...

Thank you momma for the gift!

Old school - Teletubbies bought off eBay were a hit!

Mark and Cailyn open a gift from Australia....

OMG it is soooo soft! She loved it!   Pretty sure it is a kookaburra???

Taking all 4 Teletubbies to her room

Oops - see what I have- I dropped two but that's ok!

Mid December we celebrated my 40 something birthday. Cailyn and Mark gave me some beautiful meaningful charms for my bracelet - one was Cailyn's birthstone! Cailyn enjoyed blowing out the candle with me on my cake.

Scary looking mommy!
Scary mommy again but a HAPPY girl!

Hanging out in the toy box
We got a load of snow on December 27th and Cailyn mostly enjoyed the experience - I say mostly as when she toppled over face first into the cold white fluffy stuff she hated it and cried, and tried to wipe it off with her mittens, also covered in snow which just made the whole situation worse.


Dec 20, 2012

Fear the big guy

For someone who yells "SANTA" in the middle of the night, meeting the big guy did not go as planned.  Neither Mark nor I planned to be in the pictures, but, drama and tears insisted that we were.
Despite the tears and arching back, the car ride home was full of Cailyn saying Santa and ho ho ho.  No long term damage!

Dec 14, 2012


Wow, where does the time go! The days are busy, the nights are busy and forget the weekends!
Things are great here, no complaints!  Cailyn continues to amaze us with her development and vocabulary.  She was looking at a book the other day and pointed out using her words a "lemon" and "noodles". 
She is OBSESSED with Santa.  Santa Santa Santa!  We will see if the obsession is quickly squashed when she gets to actually meet him this weekend in person.
We put up a Christmas tree for her and she loves it!  Surprisingly she leaves is alone and stands a foot back to admire it.  Now if only she took that approach with the cat!
Cailyn has discovered colouring..she loves it and is very proud of her drawings!  She really enjoys art time at daycare as well and this is quite often highlighted on her baby bulletin.
Cailyn is a joy and as this holiday time of year comes we are very thankful for our little miracle.  The aches and horrible pains of the past do seem further away this year! Having her in my life has help to mend my heart. 
For those of you still struggling and working on your family dreams: I am with you in thoughts this year as I know how tremendously difficult it is.  It took us 15 years to finally achieve the dream so please please please do not let yourselves give up!!

Having a cookie by the tree! Cookie Monster and Elmo both look like they have had strokes..awe.. all time new favourite hobby!

Stop taking pictures of my messy face!

                                       How Cailyn makes my mornings feel just a tad bit more rushed than normal


Cailyn's favourite playtime friends!

Another gorgeous shot from Little Rosebuds!

Cheeky smile!

Nov 28, 2012

A few more Little Rosebuds

I stole these as print screens from Little Rosebuds secure proofing site as I do not have the digital CD yet! There are two common themes 1.  Cailyn  either has an iPhone or Sesame Street character in her hands and 2. Cailyn looks pretty sick in in 75% of the pictures.  Despite her double ear infection we just love the pictures and the fact that they actually turned out very nicely!
As we struggled for 14+ years to have a family, we always dreamt that we would capture the wonderful phases in still pictures and to now be able to do this is an amazing tribute to our persistence! We have been blessed with this little girl so full of life, happiness and personality.

Nov 22, 2012

15 months

It is so hard to believe Cailyn is already 15 months old!! The last few months have been riddled with sickness, nothing serious, just the daycare bacteria curse.  Over the last month we have been very busy despite the bacteria festival.
Two weeks ago we went to friends house for a wonderful lunch to meet their baby born in India!  It was great to catch up with them in person and meet their latest bundle of joy.  Their oldest daughter (almost 1 year old) and Cailyn were busy busy tearing up the house and enjoying all the toys while we grown ups and new baby enjoyed a yummy lunch and chit chat. 
The weekend after that we went back to Little Rosebuds Photography to have some professional family pics taken.  A sneak peak is available on the photographers blog.  We are anxiously awaiting the access to the online gallery - just a few more days!! For now, here is one of the pics of Cailyn ala vintage....

Cailyn was sick the day of the photoshoot and little did we know it was a double ear infection!! Poor little lamb really produced some amazing pictures despite feeling so poorly.

Dressed for Halloween at daycare - our little pumpkin.

Cailyns favourite thing to play with!

Life is good!!
Raking the leaves...
We all love to count our babies teeth - Cailyn has lots!! We bought this novelty soother during Halloween and it took my sister's ability to get a picture with it in her mouth since she rarely uses a soother.

Soon this snow suit will be worn...but not too soon !!! Guess we need to buy boots to go with it?!

Having breakfast at daycare in the middle of two boys!  I snapped this pic from outside after I dropped her off

Life is good, Cailyn keeps us very busy and we love every moment of it.  When I am sweeping the floors at 10 pm and find the morning's cereal still there I just laugh at how much I enjoy this and have waited so long to pick up cereal off the floor!  If only I had the luxury of time in the morning to do it!

Nov 8, 2012

Akward family photos?

A few years back a lot of us surrogacy bloggers were posting Wordles.  I thought about the Wordle concept in the car this morning and decided to do a current one.  I love how our little girls name is in the largets font!
Cailyn had "vintage" pictures taken at day care during her second week as a student there.  I was told she cried during the outfit changes but not during the pictures them selves...  Well, this momma, aka SUCKER bought these examples of how a sad little lamb looks!  There goes $125!! But, no regrets..I feel like I want to experience it all - good pics and bad pics.

The quality is not good, nor the angles etc as I took snaps of the prints with my iPhone.  These are just too funny, so I had to  share! I have to admit that I do love them, especially the one in the pink dress.  I think if they were taken this week (now) they would have turned out wonderfully as Cailyn LOVES her daycare, teachers and just going there.  She squeals with delight in the parking lot when we pull in and as of late she does not cry at drop off!  We are very proud of her accomplishment of independence!

Oct 31, 2012

When it rains, we bathe!

The storm called Sandy has devastated other parts of the world including our close neighbours in the US.  One surrogacy family had a tree fall and chop into their home allowing the rain in and the family hold up in the basement waiting out the storm.  Very scary times but glad to report they are all ok and now working on the damage to their home.  Here at our home we had the very high winds and rain...lots of rain for 5 days now.  It sucks - cannot take Cailyn out to play, couldn't get to the pumpkin patch for the every popular baby girl in the patch pic etc, but we are safe and dry so....we bathe!

Oct 27, 2012

Hand foot and mouth!

Life can be challenging sometimes, and I am one tired out momma.  Firstly we had Mark and his muscle enzymes, but thanks to our naturopath and 6 hours of IV therapy, the levels have returned to normal and Mark is back to normal.  Then, Cailyn acquires Hand Foot and Mouth Disease!!  Poor little lamb had the blisters in her mouth, throat, on her toes, hands and bum.  The best we could do for her was Advil and try to keep her hydrated.  She would wail in pain until the Advil kicked in.  I am happy to report that the worst of that is over and she is almost back to normal.  We are fortunate that nothing that has come our way has been chronic or tragic and for that we are thankful.  As grateful for the recoveries I am, I am also very tired. I have played nurse, housekeeper, full time employee , mom and wife for a month straight 20 hours a day for the last few weeks and feel caput!  I hate to moan about it, but this is the one time in my life I am complaining.  I happily took on these challenges, almost robotically so.  Today I am just reflecting on the last few weeks and look forward to the better days starting now!

Cailyn's vocabulary continues to astound us, and daycare as well.  Every day her baby bulletin highlights her words and how she uses them.  She now also know how to count to 7 which seems pretty impressive for a 14 month old to us.  Her personality is BIG - she is socially out there- she says hi to everyone and anyone.  She is a cheeky monkey and knows right from wrong and tests that boundary on a daily basis.  Her smart little brain works exceptionally well and she knows that going into the cupboards is a no no (despite the pics below), as is entering the buffet cabinets where the whisky is kept - that's for mommy!  She sings a song in Polish (Tosi Tosi), knows all her sesame street characters names and can pick up a foam letter and usually tell us which letter it is.  She loves to kiss, and kiss she will - books, people, stuffed animals, the couch cushions, the wall.... you get the point.  Now, she has mastered blowing kisses and it is the cutest thing to see!

The weather is not looking good for trick or treating - mostly rain in the forecast.  Not sure if Cailyn will get out this year, or ever get to the pumpkin patch for the classic pictures.  If not, we have next year (hopefully sickness free), and of course the obligatory Santa pictures will soon be taken.

I am very grateful for my little family even through these hiccups.  Without them I would have nothing and be nobody.  I have overcome substantial challenges in life and this was more a trying time than a challenging time, and I would do anything for these two!

Here are a few pics of her from the last weeks

Reading a book with mommy

Enjoying her purse from Nik and Lisa

Silly girl with her foot up on the table!!


Riding her indoor 3 in 1 bike/stroller in the house on a rainy day with a few of her close friends!

Oct 15, 2012

Thanksgiving (not so much) & Pajama Day

Canadian Thanksgiving was last weekend and I was supposed to host it.  On the Wednesday before Mark became sick, diagnosis....influenza.  Our house and Mark were on lock down.  His flu symptoms started to improve but by Sunday he was in horrific pain and could not use his muscles at all - his hands were claw like, so we made a trip to emergency.  The hospital discovered that his CK (muscle enzymes) were at 6 times normal!  He was on IV's and pain meds and was discharged after many hours of treatment.  Follow up blood work has shown the levels are now almost 8 times normal.  This is a dangerous enzyme to have running so high and we are not sure what is next. For now, Mark is extremely weak and tires very easy.  We are hoping to get this sorted as soon as possible! 
Daycare is going very well for Cailyn, and since we can log onto web cams whenever we want we know that she is doing very well and treated very well.  She is happy to be their, and last week they had pajama day (an easy morning for mommy during the chaos of daddy's health).  This week she gets to carve pumpkins , next week is Crazy Hat day, cookie decorating and another blessed pajama day.  The daycare is just awesome and we are so lucky to have gotten Cailyn in there.  The educators are all very nice and attentive to her needs.  Our daily baby bulletin keeps us completely up to speed with her days, including any notation of things like runny pooh's, milestones and how well she ate.  They take her cow's milk allergy very serious and we are very thankful for this - and they even supply meal alternatives on the days where there would normally be dairy in the meal (like mac and cheese).  It is a great feeling to know that the level of care and commitment to her growth and development is on par with what we give at home.
Cailyn says so many words now it is hard to keep track.  As of today daycare noted her saying THANK YOU at lunch.  She loves to use her words and we are super impressed with her vocabulary at such a young age.  She says shoes, socks, thank you, hi, bye, bottle, shovel, Ernie, Zoey, Cookie, Elmo, Telly, hello, cat, Kombat, daddy, mommy, strawberry, go go, walk walk, four, six, three, toes, foot, Tori (her friend), bobchia (grandma), gajee (grandpa), uh oo, and on and on. It is very impressive since Canadian standards say that 5 words by 18 months is on track. 
Mark and I often have very sentimental moments - feeling just so blessed to have this little miracle in our life.  We are eternally grateful to Dr Shivani and her team and of course our surrogate Sumita.  Sumita passed on an amazingly strong immune system to our little girl and this certainly tells us just how healthy Sumita is and what a wonderful job she did of taking care of Cailyn in utero.
Cailyn is also very fortunate to have an amazing aunt in my sister Christine.  My sister has been a godsend during these last two weeks with Mark's health.  When I needed her she dropped everything to help.  Mark and I are very grateful for her support and we love her to bits!! Cailyn is also very fond of her aunt which just warms our hearts.
Pajama day

Chillin' by the window on pajama day

Eating raisins at home after pajama day
Big coat!

First art work from day care

Babushka - this kid loves to have things wrapped around her head!

Another head wrap - ala Arab! (notice the scattered Sesame Street dolls every where)

Hanging out in grandma's veggie garden

Enjoying the fall blooms in our yard with daddy
Hanging on the couch with daddy having a cracker

Classic trouble!!!
Another head fetish - thanks to Kim in Australia for providing this beautiful flower head band

Classic Cailyn - always has a Sesame Street character close to her.

Bye bye high chair, hello booster seat!