Jan 9, 2012

Almost 5 months!

Well, Cailyn is rounding out the last days of her fourth month.  She continues to be beyond happy, smiling and engaging with people all the time!  It is really nice to see her interact in such a fun and social way.   As of today Cailyn has found her "squeal" voice...she squeals high pitched, at intervals of...well alot!! It is too cute and as annoying as it could be to some, for us, it is a squeal that melts our hearts.  Cailyn also has a boisterous giggle type laugh, and tries to talk alot.  She continues to say "hi!" and it's not just mom and dad who have heard it.  Cailyn continues to spit up what seems to be all she eats.  The doctor is not worried as she continues to put on wait and is growing nicely.  We are considering switching formulas next to see if this helps at all, as it seems it has progressed into reflux.  For now, until we use up the rest of the purchased formula, we are giving her Bio Gaia probiotic drops and after 4 days we have noticed a substantial improvement!  We are starting to see a shimmer of hair on her head - she has been bald since all her birth hair fell.  I cannot remember who gave us the pink moccasin style slippers, but whomever did THANK YOU!! They are just so great!! Seems there are no socks for this age/size and the slipper are perfect!  Cailyn loves to be bare foot, but once we feel her feet getting cool, we put on the slippers and all is good.    Cailyn can almost sit up from a laying down postion, can sit unsupported in the tripod position and loves to lift her legs up over her belly with her legs stretched as straight as can be!  She surprises us daily with new things she does and sounds she makes.  Every day is a blessing with her, and every day we are so full of love and also so very thankful to Dr S @ SCI!

Busy legs!

10/10/2011 - look how tiny she is compared to the pic above...oh how quickly they grow!

Too cute!

Collection of Sophie's for teething

Cutie patootie!

Fun feeding

More fun feeding~!

Sometimes Cailyn will only burp when propped into her Bumbo

This week on TNF I write about Cailyn's treatment for jaundice in India and also our chance meeting with our surrogate Sumita



  1. I love the hat with the hearts on it and that adorable face. WOW she is getting even cuter which I didn't think possible as she was so cute already. Love all the updates.

  2. So so adorable! I hadn't realized until looking at the photo of Cailyn on Mark's knee how much she looks like him. They grow up way too quickly, don't they? BTW, Micah LOVES Giraffes, so they are clearly meant to be together!

  3. Wow I can't believe she is nearly 5 months old! Time flies when your having fun! She looks so happy and I love the pink hat too. Enjoy!

  4. What a beautiful update! Thank you!

  5. VERY CUTE! Our Sidney puked until nearly her 1st birthday and then it suddenly improved and went away. It made for lots of extra laundry but that was about it.
    P.S. @Stephanie - I thought we had dibs on Micah with one of our girls!?!? :-)

  6. Loved seeing your smiling face Kerrie. Cailyn is indeed getting so big. I just love bald babies. So cute!

  7. AWWW...can't believe how much she has grown!!She has such a beautiful smile and she is adorable!!!You all look so happy!!Great photos and love that cute hat!!
    Wishing you all the best for the new year!!

  8. 5 months already - how quickly time passes by but it is very clear that your enjoying every precious moment. So cute and pretty.

  9. She is so cute Kerri. I think her smile is a bit devilish - like her mom's :)
    Also must point out I love the brown on your living room wall!

  10. Kerri, I can't believe how fast she's growing. Cute, cute, cute!

  11. I also can't believe I left the "e" off the end of your name!

  12. That cute photo in the pink hat needs to go in a frame. Classic! And I can't believe how much she's grown! WOW!!!


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