Jan 26, 2012

Citizenship, cereal and a tooth!

I love being a Canadian.  I love being part of a country that can end any sentence in "eh" , and that says the word about like aboot .  I would also love for Cailyn to finally be recognized as a Canadian citizen!!  The process is simple,  just it seems to take a very long time to actually receive the final judgements.  Yesterday we received a letter about her citizenship application stating that is now in the hands of the Program Support Unit, thus, causing a delay in finalizing.  Hmm... she is a citizen by descent, yet we have to go through all the hurdles to have actual recognition.  It is a little frustrating as we cannot get her a Social Insurance Number until this is finalized, and without a SIN number we cannot open a proper education savings account.  On the contrary, the government has approved us for the Universal Child Care Benefit where we get a pittance every month to assist with our child care needs and we received our first cheque yesterday, retro active to her birth.  This is very impressive to us and we are grateful to have it!  The UCCB did have some challenges as they followed upon our application asking for proof of Cailyns refugee status etc... which was comical to us. We were able to satisfy their needs quickly with our Indian birth certificate, and 2.5 months later, we received our first cheque.

This little Canadian girl has a tooth now, yep, lower right chomper has made an appearance!  Feeling the tooth on day one was like feeling the tip of a razor blade, or the sharp point of a sewing needle.  She is obsessed with this tooth, sucking on it and touching it all day.  It is adorable to watch her recognize that something is different in her mouth.
We also started her (a little early) on rice cereal.  We started earlier than planned to see if this would help with her intestinal trials, and luckily it has!!  Cailyn LOVES to eat her cereal and the sheer excitement of sitting in her high chair waiting and watching as the cereal gets made causes her to either squeal or coo with delight.   As a result of a few days of cereal, she has actually worn the same outfit for more than one hour and her laundry basket is quite empty! Yesterday she wore the same outfit for the entire day, what a change for us!  YAY for solids!

Yum, cereal!


  1. She is such a cutie!!! Glad to hear the cereal is helping her feel better!! K xx

  2. She has the most perfect round face I have ever seen. So adorable.

  3. REALLY!!It takes this long to get a canadian citizenship...crazy!!Being a canadian myself,I shouldnt be surprised...Cailyn gets cuter and cuter all the time!!Glad the cereal is working for her and you two...such a smooshy face...cute!!

  4. i bet you cant wait for all the teeth to appear, then she can eat all the solids she wants

  5. I just want to kiss those chubby little cheeks! Glad solids are making life easier. When my son was little solids just made for more pain and chunkier vomit....eeewwhh!! Lol!

  6. Cailyn has a way of making drooling look so cute, less drunk like, something all the cool kids do!


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