Jan 1, 2012

December update

The last week has been so super busy, with many visits, social engagements, Christmas and now New Years!  Whew...the time went so quickly!  Finally, this morning I can check the blogs and see what has been happening over the past week. 
Cailyn is teething with fury, and thank god for Boiron Camilia!  Since she continues to rub her tongue on the top part of her mouth, we are pretty sure that is where the first tooth will bud.  And of course, intense teething brought on a mad case of cradle cap (YUCK!).  We happened to visit our naturopath yesterday who gave us some cream to try - one that will help manage any inflammation as well. 
We received many lovely photo Christmas cards from our surrogacy friends around the world and these will definitely go in Cailyn's 2011 memory box!! 
2011 was a wonderful year for us in the Olejarz household and we are so looking forward to 2012 with Cailyn!
Oh so pretty!

Auntie Christine loving Cailyn!

Christmas apparel....

Daddy looks way more excited about Christmas than Cailyn

Look up, look way up and I'll call Rusty!

Merry Christmas!

First gift ever from Bobcia.
Uncle Stan gave Cailyn a Jolly Jumper! So much fun!

Nice pic of Mark

Bumbo'ing in her Merry Christmas onsie.
This hat sucks!
All smiles!
Lala - the original Teletubbies doll I bought in 1997 (for our first baby)...Cailyn LOVES Teletubbies!
First attempt at the exersaucer
Adorable top from Australia!! So cute!
Action shot in the Jolly Jumper!

Thenextfamily.com update is up, detailing our first morning with Cailyn in India.  Also, on the TheNextFamily.com website the resident surrogate is newly pregnant, carrying for an international family! YAY! I cannot wait to follow along, hope you all will too! ------->


  1. Thanks fore the plug Kerrie. Okay the outfit with the ballerina clothes is so cute but my favorite is the big smile with Elmo next to her. Can't tell you how much I enjoy your blogs and the gorgeous photos of your family. You all are glowing. Happy New Year.

  2. Beautiful family christmas photos!!You are all looking fabulous,especially Cailyn!!!Love,love love the santa outfit!!She looks like a cute little munchkin!!
    Happy New Year to all of you!!Wishing you all lots of love,health and happiness for years to come!!

  3. So glad you had a lovely holiday. Happy New Year to you all. Cailyn is so beautiful.

  4. Hi Kerrie, Happy 2012 to you and your beautiful family. Mustela foam shampoo will get rid of cradle cap in one go! Best ever.

  5. Happy New year! Cailyn is adorable as ever. my nephews very stubborn cradle cap was finally healed by coconut oil!

  6. So so cute, and I can't believe how well she's sleeping and eating! She's growing up so quickly! Hope you loved every minute of your first Christmas as a family.
    S, A, and M

  7. Kerrie and Mark,
    Cailyn is just so pretty, and seems like such a happy girl. Hopefully I will meet all of you sometime this year.

  8. Good on Uncle Stan, Cailyn is going to love love love the Jolly Jumper!! So did it snow and you had a white xmas? Regardless, happy to see you celebrating your 2011 achievement so well. Happy new year guys.

  9. Bounce on Cailyn, love this stage, all that jumping is so darned cute!!!

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  11. Cailyn is just a beauty!
    To the whole Olejarz family - I wish you hours of happy times with friends and family, abundant time for relaxation, prosperity, good health, plenty of love, and excitement at life's simple pleasures. Happy New Year! With love, Anna B.


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