Jan 23, 2012


TNF has conducted interviews with it's writers and mine was published today.  Here is the link: http://thenextfamily.com/2012/01/interview-with-kerrie-olejarz/

If you want to see an adorable video of a sweet little 3yr old girl trying chewing gum for the first time, click HERE.  This angel belongs to Brandy at The Next Family. 
Seeing this video really makes me excited to see Cailyn try all these new things in life!

The last week has been much improved here.  The new formula seems to be doing the trick, but sadly, the ingredients are far from what I would feed her in a perfect world.  I had such high hopes of an all organic formula, snacks etc, yet, the intestinal trials of one Cailyn Olejarz have pulled me far off this path of idealism.   I am so over it...I try my best and will always make the best choices on her behalf.  In this situation we need her to eat, spit up minimal, BURP and feel good, so, so .... so be it...its not organic and the ingredient declaration is far from ideal.    Sometimes we have to compromise.   That's life!

Cailyn is super long and I think her next dr. visit will show her length beyond her previous 50th percentile.  Teething is fun, but since we keep Camilia on hand and use as needed we have figured this out!   http://boiron.ca/en/products/children/camilia/

Late October....

January 2011 - oh how she has grown!

Everyone loves a hooded towel!


  1. So happy she is feeling better. A little non organic will be okay :) She is so adorable and I love the hooded towel. Was Sophia delicious chewing her gum or what??????????

  2. Just wondering if you have tried the self made formula over at the Weston A Price foundations website. Ive met many little ones who have thrived on it. We are going to be making our own if our Surrogacy goes well.

    Just a thought. xo

  3. Look at that little towel wrapped baby!!! LOVE HER!
    Remember when there was no difference between organic and non-organic...we just had FOOD! It makes us crazy too...trying to feed our girls the very best....and then stopping at McDonalds for a quick meal and having to share a french fry to see them squeeeeeal with delight!

  4. I'm glad Cailyn is feeling better. I know that makes you and Mark feel better too. She's adorable.


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