Jan 16, 2012

Must have's and 5 months!

This week I decided to post our list of must haves for baby pick up in India.  For those of you who have picked up you baby, I would ask you to add to the list in the comments section of my Next Family blog.  Sharing our experiences really helps others, I hear this everyday!!

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Now, onto Cailyn.  She is 5 months old tomorrow (the baby ticker at the top of the blog page seems to calculate based on 30 days in a month..)  I cannot believe she is already 5 months!! Where does the time go!  She can sit up on her own for short periods of time and tries hard with her little abdomen muscles to pull herself up from the lying down position.  She loves her hands and feet and now reaches out to grab things...like daddy's burrito!   She sleeps very well through the night, thank god, and now has a two hour nap in the late afternoon (another YAY for mommy).  We do to Body Morph everyday and Cailynis a very popular girl there.  As all of us women jiggle our way to a thinner self, Cailyn smiles and entertains all of us.  She loves to see everyone jiggling, especially mommy!  Speaking of Body Morph, my first month doing it proved to be successful...a total of 8 inches lost!!
Her reflux is still a small beast and we are working to keep her comfortable.  Saturday she started getting back to normal, still spitting up like crazy but seemingly in less pain. We are hesitant to use Zantac, but may get the script for the acute attacks.  We have always made a "concoction" for her of warm water, flax oil and some added gas relief (like Oval or Coxcyntal).  She loves to drink this, and I think she knows it helps her gas pains.  We are continuing with the new formula with hopes it also helps...so far it seems to have improve things..fingers crossed.  Fortunately, through all of this, she continues to sleep through the night for 10-11 hours, which helps keep us sane!
Everyday with her is a joy, and even the challenging moments are looked back on as such a privledge in our life.

Little girl in what seems a large high chair!

Finally growing some hair



  1. oh thanks kerrie for the list. so much appreciated.just in time. cuddles to Cailyn

  2. Love the photos and so happy she is doing so well.

  3. What great piccies! and thanks for the great list...at least now we can be a bit more prepared!!

  4. Absolutely correct that every day is a joy, regardless of what our offspring put us through!!!! Saw that highchair in Target yesterday, it is SO cute. And yay, I can finally leave you a comment.


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