Feb 29, 2012

Cailyn sitting on the couch

Please excuse the two dribble of what looks like banana spit up on the white blanket!

Just watching Survivor!  Cailyn loves Jeff Probst, Anderson Cooper and Ellen!   She smiles like crazy whenever she sees one of them! 

Feb 28, 2012

Monsoon Passport

This week on TNF I write about finally getting Cailyn's passport...in what was probably the last of the monsoon rains!  Such a crazy day to recall in our lives!   If you care to read this click on the update over here  ------------------------------------>
Last week was a great week, less spitting up, less laundry, & lots of fun with Cailyn !Cailyn has started saying "Hey" and "Hey Ya".  It is really cute to hear her say this!! Also, she laughs alot, everything is funny and she giggles, especially when we play peek a boo or pretend to throw her in the air or pretend to drop her low. 
Apparently avocado is MMmmmmmMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmm!  When ever she eats it, she just says mmmmm during the entire feed.  She loves all her veggies so far and we have had no reactions to anything we have introduced.  Parsnips are the second most enjoyable for her, pureed and smooth,  she just loves them.
Cailyn is teething and yesterday wasa rough one.  She stopped taking the bottle as the sucking was just too painful, so we made fun with it all and syringe fed her.  After a couple hours of loading her up with Hylands teething tablets, she finally took a bottle at 9pm, just in time for bed.  Poor little sausage.

A rough evening of teething...all tuckered out and fell asleep in her chair.

Are these "jeggings" too tight?

Saturday morning smiles on the couch.

OMG! Baby flip flops...who knows if she will even wear them, but for three bucks I just had too!

Cailyn had her 6 month check up last Friday and she is considered one of the healthiest babies the doctor has seen!! Yay for our surrogate and SCI for helping us!!  I had a feeling Cailyn was quite long and sure enough, this months measurements showed her length in the 90th percentile!  No wonder most pajamas are too short for her!
Here are her stats so far:

Birth weight 
6.37 lbs
Weight at 5 weeks 
8.08 lbs
Weight at 8 weeks 
10.11 lbs 
Weight at 15 weeks 
14.02 lbs 
Weight at 26 weeks 
18.03 lbs 

Length at Birth 
49.5 cm 
Length at 5 weeks 
53.34 cm
Length at 8 weeks 
56.00 cm
Length at 15 weeks 
62 cm
Length at 26 weeks 
69 cm

Feb 23, 2012

Six months!

My NextFamily update this week details our visit to Haus Khaz, a terrorist attack and an earthquake!! Lots of fun in Delhi!  You can read it by clicking on the picture at the side bar ----->
Cailyn is now six months...it's fun to watch her grow, but I sometime feels sad at how quickly she is growing and how much sooner I need to return to work  :(
We are still seeing the Network Analyst for Cailyn and have noticed a considerable change in her spitting up!  She responded very well to her first treatment but started to regress so we are continuing with it for 6 sessions to see if this resolves the spitting up.  As of yesterday, her spit up volume is about a mouth full so a marked improvement from the previous multiple ounces at one time.  The other improvement from the treatments is that Cailyn goes down for a nap now with ease.  Before, there was a bit of a fight and struggle, but now, head turns to the side, eyes close and tadaa...sleep!
Cailyn is now fully aware of the presence of the cat and squeals with delight when she sees her.  We have a daily pet the kitty time and Cailyn is learning what the word "gentle" means.  Our cat is an old girl and very tolerant and patient with Cailyn.  She likes to lay near Cailyn and be part of the family action, especially in the evening. 
Since the spitting up is minimal now, I do not know what to do with all my free time (insert sarcasm).  Laundry is now down to a minimum, floors are clean, baby and mommy are dry!
We have almost finished with that damned cradle cap!  What a mission this has been!  Oils, combs, brushes, creams...it's all crap!  The best and most nauseating approach is to gently pick it off...I have episodes of vomiting into my mouth when I do it, but, it is the only thing that has worked so I have to suck it up and do it!  It is funny that a poopy diaper does not bother me, but that foreign waxy residue on Cailyn's head sends me into a totally grossed out, slightly nauseous state!  Ah motherhood!
Like a living doll!

Busy hands


One of Cailyn's fave things to do is stand!
Side sleeping...

Feb 19, 2012

18 seconds of fame!

We met with CBC radio to talk about reproductive tourism, and what was an almost 45 minute interview got chopped down to about 18 seconds, but regardless, the main points were highlighted.  If you have iTunes you can hear it , about 3:50minutes into the podcast or click on the link for a non-iTunes listen.


Feb 15, 2012

Ahhhhhh 6 Months!!

Where the heck has the time gone???  We cannot believe our little girl will be 6 months on Friday!  She is a busy girl which is awesome!  Sadly she has her first cold, not sure where or how she got it, but it is good for her immunity to have one now and again.  Today we went to a Network Spinal doctor for Cailyn.  Since she was a c-section baby, there is a theory that the intense volume of spit up could be caused my a misaligned spine or hips, causing problems with her diaphragm etc...  So, it was like seeing an osteopath, no cracking or snapping, just small pressure treatment on her neck, spine and hips.  Interestingly enough, her first bottle after the treatment stayed put!  I am hoping that the next few days will be telling, and when we return on Friday for a second treatment that we can share good news with the doctor.  I am working on uploading one of our many videos of Cailyn that end in spitting up so you can see the volume ...for example, if she has 5 ounces, she will spit up 2-3 of them before the next feed, which just so happens to be less than three hours apart since she gets hungry faster than she should due to the spit up.  Fortunately she is gaining weight and healthy!
CBC News Canada will be doing a feature on us and our journey to India.  I understood it was for TV but I was mistaken and it is for radio.  No biggie, just happy to get the good word out to my fellow Canadians and hopefully help someone along the way.
Being Susie homemaker, I have been cooking, pureeing and straining lots of vegetables for Cailyn. Carrots and peas are a hit, as is squash and yams.  Next up, one of my favourites...Parsnips!!!

Peas and carrots ready for baby!

Na na na na na naaaaaaaaaaaaaa na!

I am naked, now feed me!

Notice the teething ring around her bicep..this is where she keeps it at all times! Too funny!

Loves to nap on her side...makes mommy very nervous!

This week on the Next Family I write about busying ourselves as we wait for the DNA test results!  Here is the link:  http://thenextfamily.com/topics/family/surrogacy-family/kerrie-olejarz/

Feb 8, 2012

DNA testing and spitting up

This week on TNF we finally get our DNA testing! I say finally, but really, it all went so quickly!! Here is the link if you want to have a read..  http://thenextfamily.com/topics/family/surrogacy-family/kerrie-olejarz/

Huge Congratulations to Mandy and Rick on finally having a positive pregnancy test, and  making it to 16 weeks today!! YAY!!!

Cailyn finally is sprouting hair...

When we were in India, we had the pleasure to meet Temmy.    Temmy gave Cailyn two adorable dresses, with matching shoes.  Well, these now fit and OMG..they are just too cute!! Here is Cailyn in the all pink outfit from Aunt Temmy!

Aunt Temmy with Cailyn in India

Cailyn continues to amaze us every day. She is now very mobile on her back...scooting around on her back!  She says "hi mama,  hi pop pop, bye and I love you".  She has two bottom teeth and now the top two are ready to crack any day now!  Spitting up is still her task of choice, but fortunately she is a happy spittter and it's more of a laundry/clean the house issue.   For some reason she loves "The Wiggles"...oi vey. 
Cailyn loves to watch The Young and The Restless with mommy and daddy...yes, I wrote daddy...and now, chooses to have her bottle on her own like a big girl while watching!

Everyday is a joy and a privilege with Cailyn!

Just after posting this, Cailyn gave me a great spit up shot to share:

Feb 1, 2012

Almost 6 months!

Those of you who were on the old SI forum may remember Nicolle.  Nicolle came to meet Cailyn, and thank god her first son was a spitter upper as Nicolle left with wet pants and didn't even bat an eye at it!! Cailyn enjoyed meeting Nicolle and loves the beautiful book she brought.
Cailyn also had a play date with Kai.  Kai is 4 months old today, so about 6 weeks younger than Cailyn.   Cailyn has two teeth and it seems like any day now she will have one more.  
My update is on The Next Family - this week I write about Cailyn being discharged from Spring Meadows and heading to the Canadian High Commission for the second visit.   Here is the link if you wish to have a  read:  http://thenextfamily.com/topics/family/surrogacy-family/kerrie-olejarz/

Cailyn continues to spit up, so I thought about a few pro's and con's of spitting up, and here is my take on it:


*Your floors are clean - cleaner than ever as you have your daily routine of mopping the whole house at end of day. See the con's list as to why this is imperative and prevents accidents.
*You might get to go shopping for yourself as your clothes are constantly splattered with spit up formula, which can look like bleach splatters on dark coloured clothing. Shopping for yourself changes from fashionable and needs to be ironed to comfy, dries easily, washes well and is a spit up hiding colour!
*A clean baby! The spitting up becomes an annoying discussion with those around you so you work very hard on keeping baby clean. Since spit up can land in baby's ears, trickle into their hair if they are laying down etc, you are constantly on scrubbing up duty - people will compliment you on how lovely the baby always looks! Little do they know it is a constant cleaning battle. This could also belong in the con's list.


*Baby is always wet...shirt's, pants, neck, hands, blankets, coats...you get the point...everything is wet!
LAUNDRY - having a singleton spitting up feels like having twins! Lot's of laundry, but thank god the baby clothes are small and alot fits into one load.
*Hazardous conditions - when spit up formula dries on the hard wood, or the tile it becomes like a skating rink. Anyone who scoots across the dried spit up wearing socks or slippers risks wiping out and falling hard!
*The never ending comments from those around you. I continue to get frustrated when people say she is "throwing up". Throwing up is from sickness, spitting up is the diaphragm still developing. I just know my in laws tell all their friends our baby throws up all day and these people will automatically assume we have a sickly baby. grr...enough...oh my blood pressure....

Here are some recent pics of Cailyn
Holding her own water bottle

Getting a little too fresh with Kai!

Awe, too cute!

5 minutes before bed last night..such a smiley girl!

Chunka munka after her bath (no, not mommy!)

Daytime fun - notice how wet her top is...ah..spit up is fun!


More squash please

Kooky face playing her piano

She has found her feet...well we think she has leaned out and is no longer trying to look over her belly!  She has actually put her toes in her mouth!

It is very hard to imagine this was Cailyn just a year ago!!