Feb 15, 2012

Ahhhhhh 6 Months!!

Where the heck has the time gone???  We cannot believe our little girl will be 6 months on Friday!  She is a busy girl which is awesome!  Sadly she has her first cold, not sure where or how she got it, but it is good for her immunity to have one now and again.  Today we went to a Network Spinal doctor for Cailyn.  Since she was a c-section baby, there is a theory that the intense volume of spit up could be caused my a misaligned spine or hips, causing problems with her diaphragm etc...  So, it was like seeing an osteopath, no cracking or snapping, just small pressure treatment on her neck, spine and hips.  Interestingly enough, her first bottle after the treatment stayed put!  I am hoping that the next few days will be telling, and when we return on Friday for a second treatment that we can share good news with the doctor.  I am working on uploading one of our many videos of Cailyn that end in spitting up so you can see the volume ...for example, if she has 5 ounces, she will spit up 2-3 of them before the next feed, which just so happens to be less than three hours apart since she gets hungry faster than she should due to the spit up.  Fortunately she is gaining weight and healthy!
CBC News Canada will be doing a feature on us and our journey to India.  I understood it was for TV but I was mistaken and it is for radio.  No biggie, just happy to get the good word out to my fellow Canadians and hopefully help someone along the way.
Being Susie homemaker, I have been cooking, pureeing and straining lots of vegetables for Cailyn. Carrots and peas are a hit, as is squash and yams.  Next up, one of my favourites...Parsnips!!!

Peas and carrots ready for baby!

Na na na na na naaaaaaaaaaaaaa na!

I am naked, now feed me!

Notice the teething ring around her bicep..this is where she keeps it at all times! Too funny!

Loves to nap on her side...makes mommy very nervous!

This week on the Next Family I write about busying ourselves as we wait for the DNA test results!  Here is the link:  http://thenextfamily.com/topics/family/surrogacy-family/kerrie-olejarz/


  1. Happy Birthday Cailyn!! She is such a big girl! I hope the spinal doctor helps Cailyn stop spitting up. Rooney tames naps on her side too!

  2. Such adorable photos and I like all the alternative choices. I hope they work well. She is so adorable. Love the stories.

  3. I love how she is still sucking on the toy dummy! love it.

  4. Happy, happy half birthday Miss C. Truly hope the spinal adjustment works with the spitting up - and wish I'd remembered to mention it to you as we took the boys when they were tiny tiny for a few visits just to make sure everything was aligned nicely. And eating in the nudey rudey - hope the central heating was on high!!


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