Feb 1, 2012

Almost 6 months!

Those of you who were on the old SI forum may remember Nicolle.  Nicolle came to meet Cailyn, and thank god her first son was a spitter upper as Nicolle left with wet pants and didn't even bat an eye at it!! Cailyn enjoyed meeting Nicolle and loves the beautiful book she brought.
Cailyn also had a play date with Kai.  Kai is 4 months old today, so about 6 weeks younger than Cailyn.   Cailyn has two teeth and it seems like any day now she will have one more.  
My update is on The Next Family - this week I write about Cailyn being discharged from Spring Meadows and heading to the Canadian High Commission for the second visit.   Here is the link if you wish to have a  read:  http://thenextfamily.com/topics/family/surrogacy-family/kerrie-olejarz/

Cailyn continues to spit up, so I thought about a few pro's and con's of spitting up, and here is my take on it:


*Your floors are clean - cleaner than ever as you have your daily routine of mopping the whole house at end of day. See the con's list as to why this is imperative and prevents accidents.
*You might get to go shopping for yourself as your clothes are constantly splattered with spit up formula, which can look like bleach splatters on dark coloured clothing. Shopping for yourself changes from fashionable and needs to be ironed to comfy, dries easily, washes well and is a spit up hiding colour!
*A clean baby! The spitting up becomes an annoying discussion with those around you so you work very hard on keeping baby clean. Since spit up can land in baby's ears, trickle into their hair if they are laying down etc, you are constantly on scrubbing up duty - people will compliment you on how lovely the baby always looks! Little do they know it is a constant cleaning battle. This could also belong in the con's list.


*Baby is always wet...shirt's, pants, neck, hands, blankets, coats...you get the point...everything is wet!
LAUNDRY - having a singleton spitting up feels like having twins! Lot's of laundry, but thank god the baby clothes are small and alot fits into one load.
*Hazardous conditions - when spit up formula dries on the hard wood, or the tile it becomes like a skating rink. Anyone who scoots across the dried spit up wearing socks or slippers risks wiping out and falling hard!
*The never ending comments from those around you. I continue to get frustrated when people say she is "throwing up". Throwing up is from sickness, spitting up is the diaphragm still developing. I just know my in laws tell all their friends our baby throws up all day and these people will automatically assume we have a sickly baby. grr...enough...oh my blood pressure....

Here are some recent pics of Cailyn
Holding her own water bottle

Getting a little too fresh with Kai!

Awe, too cute!

5 minutes before bed last night..such a smiley girl!

Chunka munka after her bath (no, not mommy!)

Daytime fun - notice how wet her top is...ah..spit up is fun!


More squash please

Kooky face playing her piano

She has found her feet...well we think she has leaned out and is no longer trying to look over her belly!  She has actually put her toes in her mouth!

It is very hard to imagine this was Cailyn just a year ago!!


  1. I remember my kids spitting up and it got stuck in their neck creases and behind their ears. Constantly cleaning. Also, the smell was awful. I kept carpet cleaner with me at all times. Tried to catch it on a diaper but as they crawled it was impossible. Cailyn is so adorable and I love the outfits.

  2. You could always be like "funny isn't it, she only throws up when you're here. Kids are strange, huh?"
    :) K

  3. Love Jeff and Kevin's comment - classic! I had long dark hair when my son was born and quickly changed back to blonde as blonde hid the chuck heaps better than being a brunette!!! I remember going for a walk one evening with my chucky baby and I saw a guy I went to school with (might I add he was v hot) and he went to kiss me to say congrats on the baby and then recoiled quickly with the smell of baby chuck that was on my shoulder.....OMG so embarrassing! You know what they say, you can't be a snob when you have kids, they have a habit of grounding you!!!!

  4. Adorable Cailyn! She is so beautiful! Spitting up is always fun isn't it. We have finally covered all our furniture with sheets and blankets to protect it from the spit up around here.

  5. Cailyn may spit up alot but she sure looks healthy so it isn't worrying her too much at all. Love Jeff and Kevin's comment.

  6. how time flies!spitting up is so much better than throwing up and i think this happens when babies are bringing out their teeth. all you need do is stock up on washing powder.lolll. i sent you an email last week i think. did you get it? we are good though and baby is fine

  7. I think I've told you about Sidney being our spitter upper...unfortunately, it lasted until she was about 10 or 11 months and then just stopped, sort of suddenly. It does indeed make for more laundry and frustration. We used to keep 2 and sometimes 3 bibs on her at all times when she was awake...so when she spit up, we'd just remove the top one. This worked to keep her dry most of the time. Anyway....K is getting cuter by the day!!!

  8. Oh crap, I can't believe she is on solids, just realised i have another one on the way .... wow, where does the time go? Madness, pure madness. Time that kid grew some hair! She is so darned cute, nothing better than a freshly washed nuddy bubby in a bath towel, xxx Meg and Tobes

  9. Ohhh I see Cailyn has the Luv U Zoo chair! Awesome! Orion loves the Luv U Zoo series, I got him the bouncy chair and playmat so far.

  10. Awww.great photos!!Cailyn is so adorable!!Love the duck towel!!Cant believe she is already on solids!!Wow,how time seem to just run away!!
    Enjoy the spits,even though its a slight aggravation,its only for a short while,until one day,no more spits!!
    Keep showing these updates!!Love them!!

  11. My little sister spit up so much expensive formula, (yet still gained weight) that our mother decided to feed her pasteurized milk from the cows on our farm. It helped so much!
    I love your blog and I am sooo happy for you and Mark!

  12. I have to say she is a very bonnie baby full of
    smiles... Just lovely pictures she is growing so fast !!

  13. One very healthy looking girl there, and love the bath shot too. Any chance we can get some footage of the skating?? (ha ha). And very clever Edward - multiple bibs at once is a great idea.

  14. Cailyn is just TOO CUTE! That smile of hers melts everyone's heart! More so, that smile is because she is so grateful to have such loving parents like you & Mark! Sending hugs and kisses to your trio! Hugs, Anna B.


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