Feb 28, 2012

Monsoon Passport

This week on TNF I write about finally getting Cailyn's passport...in what was probably the last of the monsoon rains!  Such a crazy day to recall in our lives!   If you care to read this click on the update over here  ------------------------------------>
Last week was a great week, less spitting up, less laundry, & lots of fun with Cailyn !Cailyn has started saying "Hey" and "Hey Ya".  It is really cute to hear her say this!! Also, she laughs alot, everything is funny and she giggles, especially when we play peek a boo or pretend to throw her in the air or pretend to drop her low. 
Apparently avocado is MMmmmmmMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmm!  When ever she eats it, she just says mmmmm during the entire feed.  She loves all her veggies so far and we have had no reactions to anything we have introduced.  Parsnips are the second most enjoyable for her, pureed and smooth,  she just loves them.
Cailyn is teething and yesterday wasa rough one.  She stopped taking the bottle as the sucking was just too painful, so we made fun with it all and syringe fed her.  After a couple hours of loading her up with Hylands teething tablets, she finally took a bottle at 9pm, just in time for bed.  Poor little sausage.

A rough evening of teething...all tuckered out and fell asleep in her chair.

Are these "jeggings" too tight?

Saturday morning smiles on the couch.

OMG! Baby flip flops...who knows if she will even wear them, but for three bucks I just had too!

Cailyn had her 6 month check up last Friday and she is considered one of the healthiest babies the doctor has seen!! Yay for our surrogate and SCI for helping us!!  I had a feeling Cailyn was quite long and sure enough, this months measurements showed her length in the 90th percentile!  No wonder most pajamas are too short for her!
Here are her stats so far:

Birth weight 
6.37 lbs
Weight at 5 weeks 
8.08 lbs
Weight at 8 weeks 
10.11 lbs 
Weight at 15 weeks 
14.02 lbs 
Weight at 26 weeks 
18.03 lbs 

Length at Birth 
49.5 cm 
Length at 5 weeks 
53.34 cm
Length at 8 weeks 
56.00 cm
Length at 15 weeks 
62 cm
Length at 26 weeks 
69 cm


  1. So happy she is so happy now. The smiling face on the couch made my day.

  2. Cailyn has such an adorable little smile. I used to think she looked just like Mark, but I am seeing more of mommy in her these days.

  3. Great to hear that Cailyn is growing to be a healthy cute little girl!!Her smile seems to light up the screen!!Enjoy,enjoy.enjoy!!!

  4. She looks soooo CUTE sitting up, like a grown woman, lol...love the chart ;)

    Flip flops..umm...yeah i love 'em :)

    You need to giv eme tips on making baby food, i was looking at the baby bullet the other day :)


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