Feb 23, 2012

Six months!

My NextFamily update this week details our visit to Haus Khaz, a terrorist attack and an earthquake!! Lots of fun in Delhi!  You can read it by clicking on the picture at the side bar ----->
Cailyn is now six months...it's fun to watch her grow, but I sometime feels sad at how quickly she is growing and how much sooner I need to return to work  :(
We are still seeing the Network Analyst for Cailyn and have noticed a considerable change in her spitting up!  She responded very well to her first treatment but started to regress so we are continuing with it for 6 sessions to see if this resolves the spitting up.  As of yesterday, her spit up volume is about a mouth full so a marked improvement from the previous multiple ounces at one time.  The other improvement from the treatments is that Cailyn goes down for a nap now with ease.  Before, there was a bit of a fight and struggle, but now, head turns to the side, eyes close and tadaa...sleep!
Cailyn is now fully aware of the presence of the cat and squeals with delight when she sees her.  We have a daily pet the kitty time and Cailyn is learning what the word "gentle" means.  Our cat is an old girl and very tolerant and patient with Cailyn.  She likes to lay near Cailyn and be part of the family action, especially in the evening. 
Since the spitting up is minimal now, I do not know what to do with all my free time (insert sarcasm).  Laundry is now down to a minimum, floors are clean, baby and mommy are dry!
We have almost finished with that damned cradle cap!  What a mission this has been!  Oils, combs, brushes, creams...it's all crap!  The best and most nauseating approach is to gently pick it off...I have episodes of vomiting into my mouth when I do it, but, it is the only thing that has worked so I have to suck it up and do it!  It is funny that a poopy diaper does not bother me, but that foreign waxy residue on Cailyn's head sends me into a totally grossed out, slightly nauseous state!  Ah motherhood!
Like a living doll!

Busy hands


One of Cailyn's fave things to do is stand!
Side sleeping...


  1. She's so cute!
    Oh and I had no idea what cradle cap was until now but I def just put into the "Jeff's responsibility" catagory :)

  2. Hi Kerrie, the best (& only) way to get rid of cradle cap is to use Mustela Foaming Shampoo. It seriously takes it away in one wash. Sorry wish you had mentioned it before and I could have told you. Beats picking it off! LOL. I can't believe how grown up she is.

  3. She is so adorable and looks like she is busy exploring with her hands. Next crawling-watch out.

  4. Had to laugh when I asked the chemist/doctor (can't remember) what was up with one of the boys eyebrows (can't remember, but I think it might have been Alex - think I'm suffering from baby brain today), to which I received the response it was cradle cap but in his eyebrow. What the?!?! Luckily this was very easy to pick off too. Wonder if cradle cap babies are prone to dandruff in later life? Who knows.

    Now, onto the important stuff, really really glad to hit that the spitting up has been minimised. Absolutely do the full six visits of spinal adjustments!!! And how much easier it will be to return to work now that you have so much spare time during the day (insert sarcasm here). And yes Miss C, gentle with the pussy cat please! Lovely to see the tooth shot.

  5. Yes cradle crap really is crap but does finally go. I recall your time in Delhi for baby pick up - certainly wasn't quiet. Cailyn is so beautiful but your right time goes by so quickly.

  6. How cute are those little teeth!!!!! Glad the spinal adjustments are helping and I had lots of chuckles reading this post

  7. So cute, I am so glad the spit up is slowing down.

  8. as ever, cute!loving the teeth picture

  9. She has a smile that can melt your heart!!Teeth already,OMG!!!Can't wait to meet up with you,Mark and Cailyn soon.Its long overdue!!

  10. I cannot get my head around that fact that Cailyn is 6 months old. It seems like last week I was checking out photos of her as a tiny newborn. I hope the above mentioned remedy for the cradle cap works so you can stop the vomiting in your mouth LOL!!


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