Feb 8, 2012

DNA testing and spitting up

This week on TNF we finally get our DNA testing! I say finally, but really, it all went so quickly!! Here is the link if you want to have a read..  http://thenextfamily.com/topics/family/surrogacy-family/kerrie-olejarz/

Huge Congratulations to Mandy and Rick on finally having a positive pregnancy test, and  making it to 16 weeks today!! YAY!!!

Cailyn finally is sprouting hair...

When we were in India, we had the pleasure to meet Temmy.    Temmy gave Cailyn two adorable dresses, with matching shoes.  Well, these now fit and OMG..they are just too cute!! Here is Cailyn in the all pink outfit from Aunt Temmy!

Aunt Temmy with Cailyn in India

Cailyn continues to amaze us every day. She is now very mobile on her back...scooting around on her back!  She says "hi mama,  hi pop pop, bye and I love you".  She has two bottom teeth and now the top two are ready to crack any day now!  Spitting up is still her task of choice, but fortunately she is a happy spittter and it's more of a laundry/clean the house issue.   For some reason she loves "The Wiggles"...oi vey. 
Cailyn loves to watch The Young and The Restless with mommy and daddy...yes, I wrote daddy...and now, chooses to have her bottle on her own like a big girl while watching!

Everyday is a joy and a privilege with Cailyn!

Just after posting this, Cailyn gave me a great spit up shot to share:


  1. yay!!!! pretty in pink. i remember sitting outside the bnb and holding her, getting so broody and emotional. She didnt cry anytime I held her and i had a good vibe and hope while on my injections.See her gazing into her aunty's face. lolll. i honestly hope we meet again.

  2. I just love seeing all the updated pictures. Cailyn is a real beauty, and seems like such a happy child.

  3. Love the head shot with her stubble. Also, loved the last one with the spit up. The in between are just so cute too. Love this child and her family.

  4. Cailyn is getting so big! I can't believe she is already feeding herself, so independent. I am too familiar with that spitup, hopefully they stop for you before you are cleaning the real food off the floor:)

  5. Hiya Kerrie lovely pics, the volume of the spit up is huge. Can image how busy that keeps you. Cailyn is so beautiful.

  6. Absolutely amazing how big she is getting. Clearly she has some good taste in television as well. PS-- Doesn't Temmy look like such a natural:)

  7. So wonderful to see how Cailyn is growing. She is just beautiful! She will have tons of hair once it is here. My 1st did not have any hair until she was 2 yrs old and now she has to have it thinned out all the time or is gets HUGE!

  8. I cant tell you how much we enjoy your updates and Cailyn's pics...she is the cutest thing ever. I feel so bad for her spitting up and hope it eases up in th near future.

    THANKS FOR THE SHOUT OUT GIRL!! love it that we are at 16wks (wish it was 30, buy hey, lol :)


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