Mar 27, 2012

Hospital tour and ROLLING!

This week on the Next Family I write about our wonderful dinner with new friends in Delhi, and how super impressive ISIS hospital is!

We were very fortunate that Dr Shivani took time out of her very busy day to give us a tour.  Sure makes me feel great about egg collection for baby number two!!  Great facilities with a great team running it all!

Great news, Miss C is back to sleeping in her crib, through the night.  I think Allie was correct that it was a growth spurt.  We ramped up her eating as well, which she took to no problem.  This all makes sense that she was taking on some weight and length, and obviously, brain power.

Cailyn is now in the next stage car seat, a Britax Marathon.  She LOVES it!  It is so roomy and she really enjoys the luxury of it. 

Rolling rolling rolling!!!  I went to make a coffee, and when I returned to the living room , less than 3 minutes later, this is what I found...

So, now, I have to ensure she is safe and secure if I need to pee, or make a coffee or get something to eat!
She is very close to crawling, very close!!!

We are all saying prayers for Bernadette and Duane's twins born a little bit early.  They are in great hands at the Delhi New Born centre, and now all we can do is pray and wait.

Mar 23, 2012

Impetigo and a whole lot of sleep drama!

I tend to catch all the weird things that travel from body to body, having a compromised immune system is loads of fun!  My most recent accomplishment is acquiring a dominantly child like skin infection called Impetigo!  I had this in grade three and all the kids made fun of me, all my yucky scabs on my face were a horror to them and easy to make fun of, until....they all got it !! SUCKERS!! Anywho, as an adult we do not expect to get this but no, oh no, I did!  I always choose a natural approach to treatment and this became a very different scenario for me as my first thought was to not give it to Cailyn, so off to the doctor I went for an antibiotic..oh the horror!  I am happy to say that after 24 hours I was no longer contagious and after 48 hours my face started to heal.  I am now finished with my 7 days of evil pills and suffering the dreaded cottage cheese after effects ( know...)  Fortunately it stayed contained to me and I have since heard that many kids have it, so it is rampant locally. 

Now Miss Cailyn has caused some drama for us for the last 10 nights!! This kid has slept in her crib since we returned home from India, and since two months, through the night.  10 days ago, she decided there was to be no more of the easy peasy bed time rituals!  She does not want to be in her crib, and when she does fall asleep and stay in her crib, it is somewhat short lived.  She wakes at 1am, 3am, 5am.  Needless to say we have a tired mommy.  Somehow, her days are not affected by this and she continues to stay on her normal nap routine, with smiles all day!  Not sure how we are gonna fix this, but we are trying!

Cailyn clearly now says many words.  She says Hi, Bye, HEY, Hi Dada and I love you.  She says Hi Dada to me alot...gotta work on the word MOMMA.   Everyone who spends time with her is quite fascinated that she is using words at such a young age. 

Up until about 6 months of age, I really felt like Cailyn was temporary in our life.  I guess the reality of her existence did not actually sink in until recently.   The damage to my emotional state is apparently quite deep, deeper than I consciously know. Fortunately, the last few weeks have me seeing her as a permanent part of our life,  I mean, our daughter!  It is really nice to be taking these small steps to healing the broken parts of my brain and heart.

Cailyn has lots of groovy pants, and it is alot of fun dressing her up everyday! 

20 Celcius in March...are you kidding???  We totally love this floppy hat!
Cailyn is a true joy, a real privledge in our life.  Every moment with her, including the sleepless drama, is a true pleasure that we cherish.

Mar 20, 2012

FRRO - not as challenging as we expected!

This week on the Next Family I detail our surprisingly easy exit process at the FRRO!

Click on the picture to have a read!

Mar 18, 2012

Professional pics, check!

We had the pleasure of meeting Rose of Little Rosebuds yesterday!  Rose is a wonderful baby photgrapher.  She made the session so enjoyable for Cailyn and us too!  She totally gets it that sometimes the baby needs a break, a bottle or a bum change.  We had so much fun and Rose posted a few pics for a sneak preview today!  We cannot wait to see all the pictures!!!

Mar 14, 2012


The nicer weather is here, so of course, we took Cailyn to the park to try out the swing.  It was a huge hit!

All smiles on the swing!


Ready for summer....mommy has the same legs!

Just cute in her shorts!

Hanging with the Koala from Nik and Lisa...she LOVES this bear!

The Next Family: This week I write about our day trip to the Taj Mahal!   Click on the picture to read!

Mar 5, 2012

Having a good laugh!

Just before bath time, I decided to have a good play with Cailyn and luckily had my iPhone close by to capture this video of her laughing!

Great news!  Cradle cap is GONE!!! Thanks to Kim for recommending Mustela foaming shampoo.  This stuff works amazingly well!  It was a challenge to find it and not cheap, but once I got my hands on it we were ready to wash that cradle cap away.  It took two shampoos to really see a change and by the third shampoo it is gone! No more picking waxy residue off her head, YAY!!   Thanks Kim for sharing this with me!!!  I also bought the matching baby lotion, but it seems to cause a slight rash on Cailyn, but fortunately, I love it and it is not wasted money. 
Cailyn is doing really well, not much else to share.  We are blessed having her in our life, that's for sure! I cannot wait for the warmer weather to get out and about alot more.
We managed to purchase the next car seat, and got the one I really wanted.  We opted for the Britax Marathon which tends to be very expensive here in Canada.  It was on sale on the weekend, and we had to go to two Babies R Us locations to finally get it.  The savings of $100.00 was worth the drive.  Now we just need to get it installed professionally and she will be set.  She has about a month before she will transition into it so not a huge rush. 
In a pinch we bought a jar of Gerber Sweet Potatoes and O M G did it smell bad!! Why, why does it smell so bad?  I make sweet potatoes for Cailyn at home and they do not smell bad like the jarred ones!!  I will continue to make her food knowing how badly the jarred one smelled.  I am fortunate to have the ability and time to do this!
This week on I write about the MHA process and visiting Pahar Ganj market area. If you wish to have a read, here is the link:
Since I started sharing our story on the Next Family, many of us have gotten to know Madge (Madgew).  Madge is the marketing guru for the website and probably one of the nicest women I have encountered in my life.  Madge has been a huge supporter of ours (and many of you as well) and we love her for her friendship.  She the coolest 60 something woman who can use the "f" word appropriately - like when discussing the latest antics of Rush Limbaugh!  Madge will be on a North American tour in May and one of her stops is Toronto!! We are stoked to meet her in person and spend time with her - hoping the weather is great for her visit! 
Here are a few pics from the week:
Trying out a sippy cup after having squash at home.

Exersaucer chewing - notice her scalp is somewhat red as the cradle cap falls off!

Cradle cap all gone!