Mar 27, 2012

Hospital tour and ROLLING!

This week on the Next Family I write about our wonderful dinner with new friends in Delhi, and how super impressive ISIS hospital is!

We were very fortunate that Dr Shivani took time out of her very busy day to give us a tour.  Sure makes me feel great about egg collection for baby number two!!  Great facilities with a great team running it all!

Great news, Miss C is back to sleeping in her crib, through the night.  I think Allie was correct that it was a growth spurt.  We ramped up her eating as well, which she took to no problem.  This all makes sense that she was taking on some weight and length, and obviously, brain power.

Cailyn is now in the next stage car seat, a Britax Marathon.  She LOVES it!  It is so roomy and she really enjoys the luxury of it. 

Rolling rolling rolling!!!  I went to make a coffee, and when I returned to the living room , less than 3 minutes later, this is what I found...

So, now, I have to ensure she is safe and secure if I need to pee, or make a coffee or get something to eat!
She is very close to crawling, very close!!!

We are all saying prayers for Bernadette and Duane's twins born a little bit early.  They are in great hands at the Delhi New Born centre, and now all we can do is pray and wait.


  1. WOW she definitely will be on the move sooner than later. Time to baby proof. :)

  2. I had to scroll down further to see what you found...I had to say I was happy to see she was ok! She's ON THE MOVE. Yes, prayers and positive thoughts being sent to B&D!!!

  3. Wow what a big girl cailyn is! How fun - she is on the move!

  4. Wait - baby #2? did I miss something???
    If you put rocks in her pockets it will probably give you at least another month of immobility, right?

  5. Ha ha - I was about to ask about baby #2, but Jeff and Kevin beat me to it!! Definitely time to introduce Miss C to Alcatraz if you want to eat/drink/shower/go to the loo anytime during the next two years.

  6. Hiya Kerrie, so excited that we may get to meet in July. You have been my role model since the start of my journey

    You can email me at


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