Mar 23, 2012

Impetigo and a whole lot of sleep drama!

I tend to catch all the weird things that travel from body to body, having a compromised immune system is loads of fun!  My most recent accomplishment is acquiring a dominantly child like skin infection called Impetigo!  I had this in grade three and all the kids made fun of me, all my yucky scabs on my face were a horror to them and easy to make fun of, until....they all got it !! SUCKERS!! Anywho, as an adult we do not expect to get this but no, oh no, I did!  I always choose a natural approach to treatment and this became a very different scenario for me as my first thought was to not give it to Cailyn, so off to the doctor I went for an antibiotic..oh the horror!  I am happy to say that after 24 hours I was no longer contagious and after 48 hours my face started to heal.  I am now finished with my 7 days of evil pills and suffering the dreaded cottage cheese after effects ( know...)  Fortunately it stayed contained to me and I have since heard that many kids have it, so it is rampant locally. 

Now Miss Cailyn has caused some drama for us for the last 10 nights!! This kid has slept in her crib since we returned home from India, and since two months, through the night.  10 days ago, she decided there was to be no more of the easy peasy bed time rituals!  She does not want to be in her crib, and when she does fall asleep and stay in her crib, it is somewhat short lived.  She wakes at 1am, 3am, 5am.  Needless to say we have a tired mommy.  Somehow, her days are not affected by this and she continues to stay on her normal nap routine, with smiles all day!  Not sure how we are gonna fix this, but we are trying!

Cailyn clearly now says many words.  She says Hi, Bye, HEY, Hi Dada and I love you.  She says Hi Dada to me alot...gotta work on the word MOMMA.   Everyone who spends time with her is quite fascinated that she is using words at such a young age. 

Up until about 6 months of age, I really felt like Cailyn was temporary in our life.  I guess the reality of her existence did not actually sink in until recently.   The damage to my emotional state is apparently quite deep, deeper than I consciously know. Fortunately, the last few weeks have me seeing her as a permanent part of our life,  I mean, our daughter!  It is really nice to be taking these small steps to healing the broken parts of my brain and heart.

Cailyn has lots of groovy pants, and it is alot of fun dressing her up everyday! 

20 Celcius in March...are you kidding???  We totally love this floppy hat!
Cailyn is a true joy, a real privledge in our life.  Every moment with her, including the sleepless drama, is a true pleasure that we cherish.


  1. Impetigo, I remember when I had it in grade school. I wore that purple medicine (no idea what it was, but tincture of iodine rings a bell) but it made me stand out even more. Sorry you had this but glad you are better. Might have to just let Cailyn cry it out and get back to her regular sleeping pattern. The first night is the hardest but it gets easier from there. Good luck.

  2. LOVE the funky pants!
    I got impetigo as a kid too. My mom said it was from playing in the mud puddles. You been playing in mud puddles lately? :)

  3. I love her perfectly round noggin. She's such a cutie! I can completely relate to those feelings of seeming like it is a temporary existence. I lived in fear that something bad would happen at any moment and taken our little girl out of our lives. I don't think I truly felt like it was permanent until around the same time (6 months) and maybe even longer. I breathed a HUGE sigh of relief when we celebrated her 1st birthday and I hadn't killed her (accidentally, of course). LOL!

  4. When I was a nanny, this sleep thing was always a sign of a growth spurt coming on. Magdew's right that they'll get back to normal, they just have to do the self-soothe thing if you can handle it. Hopefully it'll pass quickly! Best wishes!

  5. Hi Kerrie, I too am up a lot over the past 2 weeks at night. Let's hope it is short lived. Cailyn looks to be changing - getting more beautiful every photo if that is possible. x

  6. Wishing you a speedy recovery and lots more sleep!

  7. She's getting so big!! Precious!!! good luck witht the impetigo!!

  8. Oh Kerrie, i welled up on this one. am so happy i met this little girl. cute as always

  9. I love bald babies. Cailyn is such a cutie.

  10. I cannot wait to dress our little girl up. Call me gay, I don't care :-)
    I totally had Impetigo when I was younger. Now I have psoriasis and it's just as much fun! Except I don't have the teasing at school -- they just talk about me behind my back. LOL

    Cailyn is adorable. LUCKY!!


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