Apr 25, 2012

This and That...

For those of you who have come home with your baby(ies) you know how wonderful it is to pull into your driveway after a long experience and many many hours of travel.  On The Next Family I write about this.  http://thenextfamily.com/author/kerrie-olejarz/

Compensation for surrogacy, egg or sperm donation is not legal in Canada, and the wonderful Sally at www.surrogacy.ca has started a petition to see if we can encourage change in the government.  If you feel like supporting this, please sign the petition.  As you know, we support and endorse Surrogacy in India, but would love to see change here at home.  Here is the link:  

Miss Cailyn, oh Miss Cailyn!! We are just loving every moment of her!  This week she starts her learn to swim class, so of course, we had to decide on which suit to wear:

You know, I have the same legs as Cailyn, but, they don't look so cute on me!

So, apparently (I have just noticed) I take alot of pics of Miss C in her high chair!
Discovering oranges!

Enjoying oranges!

Silly headband for a silly girl!  (iPhone - BLUR)
Exhausted after a fun day.

Big eyes!

Apr 18, 2012

April 17th - 8 months!! And...we are home!

This week on the Next Family we finally land in Toronto!! For those of you who have brought home your baby(ies) you know just how wonderful it is to touch down at home!


April 17th means Cailyn is 8 months old!! How great and how sad. She is growing so nicely, she is such a pretty girl, great temperament and a pure delight!!  Sadly, she is growing..no more little baby...now, a more independent girl.  It is such a pleasure to share the days with her (and the nights..most of the time).  Today I went to the mall to buy a birthday gift for Cailyn's little friend Tori who turns 1 this week.  At the mall, many people stopped and commented on how cute or pretty Cailyn is.  It is odd that people do this, or maybe I just think it is odd, regardless, it is nice of people to make these wonderful comments.   We are working on Cailyn's eating independence, trying to get her to pick up pieces of food and self feed.  She can pick up food, but getting it into her mouth still needs work.

What happened April 17th "

7:00 am - wake up
7:30 am - have 5 oz bottle
8:00 am - gnaw on the carpet
8:30 am - try very hard to eat the hardwood floors, mommy says "No, no , no"
9:00 am -cereal, soy milk,  then nap
10:00 am - try to eat the hardwood with fury, mommy says "Cailyn, no, no ,no "
10:15 am - try to eat the carpet, with fury "Noooooooooo"
10:20 am - into the exersaucer, try to eat the plastic tray in the exersaucer
10:30 am - squeal and cry in frustration or pain as the plastic is hard and does not taste good
10:45 am - out of the exersaucer, playing with mommy, giving mommy lots of full on open mouth kisses
fast forward to 3:30 pm - doing a day care inspection and interview, Cailyn leans over to kiss mommy and CHOMPS down on mommy's lip like a pit pull, locked in with her two teeth, crunching away on mommy's lower lip
9:00 pm - mommy's lip is swollen and hurts like hell

Happy 8th month b-day baby, we love you!!!
Blueberry and cereal .. makes a mess but oh so yummy!

Enjoying the nice weather

Smile for the camera!

Cailyn is super long, almost  off the charts! 

Apr 9, 2012

Almost 8 months

We were getting ready for bed and had Cailyn in bed with us for some pre bed time cuddles, all of a sudden she scratches at a pillow and finds it funny.  Mark was able to grab his iPhone and capture it on video.   Her laugh is just pure joy for us!!

Cailyn got a doodied up for Easter, and thanks to my sister, she got her own set of bunny ears. 

 Easter Sunday morning, we went for a big walk, just mommy, daddy and Cailyn.  We feel like we often do not get time to just be a family on the weekends so this was a great way to enjoy our time, and the nice weather.  Cailyn loved going on the swings and that silly bouncy thing..not sure what it is called?

This week on the Next Family I write about finally boarding a plane from Delhi to Brussels!

Here is the link if you want to have a read...   http://thenextfamily.com/topics/family/surrogacy-family/kerrie-olejarz/

Last week Cailyn and I visited the fertility clinic in Toronto that helped us with our journey.  We went late in the day out of sensitivity to the other patients.  I know that when we were trying to have a baby (for 15 years), the last thing I wanted to see was some woman showing off her "success", so, knowing that cycle monitoring is in the morning at the clinic, we went much later in the day out of respect for the current patients.  We were showered with wonderful compliments about what a beauty Cailyn is, and even the surgical nurses came to meet Cailyn.  It was really wonderful to spend a little time with the team that truly supported us, and were the first team to not kick us to the curb as soon as they heard we wanted to go to India.  If you are in Toronto, and need a wonderful fertility clinic, try TCART in Yorkville.  After the show, I spoke with the Dr about timing out our next cycle, meds, etc... 

Looks like Cailyn may pop  out a tooth or two really soon.  She has cheeks like apples, full hand in mouth and drool, oh the drool!  Fortunately she is not cranky about it!

Cailyn will be 8 months next Tuesday..NOOOOO!! The time is going just too fast!! I want it to stop.  Well, knowing that is not going to happen, we just have to enjoy every moment with her at each age, every day.  

A few great positive announcements last week, and whats with these high betas?  LOVE IT!! Congrats to you all!!  Hayden and Scralett are making huge progress, and I think they know mommy is there for them, and , secondarily, the amount of prayers from our online community, and of course, the wonderful doctors at the Delhi Newborn Centre.

Apr 3, 2012

Cailyn ROLLS!

A little video of our girl on the move!  Ignore the goofy hat - I put it on as a joke to protect her head - should my in laws see the video!  Somehow my angle is really weird...iPhone...will I ever figure it out?

This week on the Next Family I write about leaving India, and dealing with an expired Visa at security!


A very funny article on the Next Family last week by Ann was about swearing in front of your kids...have a read, its a short read and really funny! http://thenextfamily.com/topics/urban-dweller/urban-dwellers-ann-brown/

Here is Cailyn in her leg warmers.  She received a 4 pack of them from my sister at Christmas.  They are hilarious!! She loves to wear them when rolling around, seems having exposed feet's makes for better traction. 

Cailyn calls everyone dada, and only says momma when she is upset (lucky me).  Cailyn also claps, well fista claps, but she gets the concept.  She likes to clap during Patty Cake; and when we encourage her with "Yay"'s and lots of clapping.   She can now stand a bit supported - like holding onto the couch or tables. She is now in her next stage Britax car seat and she really loves it.  I guess it is super roomy and she feels quite luxurious in it!  And lastly, she wants to sleep on her belly...which makes me a nervous wreck!  Thank god for the Angel Care monitor, but, sadly, the rolling in the crib sets off the piercing alarm quite frequently through the night.