Apr 9, 2012

Almost 8 months

We were getting ready for bed and had Cailyn in bed with us for some pre bed time cuddles, all of a sudden she scratches at a pillow and finds it funny.  Mark was able to grab his iPhone and capture it on video.   Her laugh is just pure joy for us!!

Cailyn got a doodied up for Easter, and thanks to my sister, she got her own set of bunny ears. 

 Easter Sunday morning, we went for a big walk, just mommy, daddy and Cailyn.  We feel like we often do not get time to just be a family on the weekends so this was a great way to enjoy our time, and the nice weather.  Cailyn loved going on the swings and that silly bouncy thing..not sure what it is called?

This week on the Next Family I write about finally boarding a plane from Delhi to Brussels!

Here is the link if you want to have a read...   http://thenextfamily.com/topics/family/surrogacy-family/kerrie-olejarz/

Last week Cailyn and I visited the fertility clinic in Toronto that helped us with our journey.  We went late in the day out of sensitivity to the other patients.  I know that when we were trying to have a baby (for 15 years), the last thing I wanted to see was some woman showing off her "success", so, knowing that cycle monitoring is in the morning at the clinic, we went much later in the day out of respect for the current patients.  We were showered with wonderful compliments about what a beauty Cailyn is, and even the surgical nurses came to meet Cailyn.  It was really wonderful to spend a little time with the team that truly supported us, and were the first team to not kick us to the curb as soon as they heard we wanted to go to India.  If you are in Toronto, and need a wonderful fertility clinic, try TCART in Yorkville.  After the show, I spoke with the Dr about timing out our next cycle, meds, etc... 

Looks like Cailyn may pop  out a tooth or two really soon.  She has cheeks like apples, full hand in mouth and drool, oh the drool!  Fortunately she is not cranky about it!

Cailyn will be 8 months next Tuesday..NOOOOO!! The time is going just too fast!! I want it to stop.  Well, knowing that is not going to happen, we just have to enjoy every moment with her at each age, every day.  

A few great positive announcements last week, and whats with these high betas?  LOVE IT!! Congrats to you all!!  Hayden and Scralett are making huge progress, and I think they know mommy is there for them, and , secondarily, the amount of prayers from our online community, and of course, the wonderful doctors at the Delhi Newborn Centre.


  1. LOL adorable! Thank goodness for iphones... to capture moments like that!

    I can't wait to put Orion in a swing for the first time :) The city hasn't put the swings up yet at city parks but hoping it's soon!

  2. Adorable and love the video.

  3. I just realized why this was so funny. Her mouth never moves and the giggles just come out like bubbles.

  4. Oh, so cute. Her smile is pure joy!

  5. Love that little giggle! Babies are such a joy.

  6. cant stop smilimg too.

  7. The video of Cailyn giggling is making me laugh!!So cute!!Love the bunny ears too!!Happy easter to all of you!!

  8. I swear Cailyn is getting more beautiful every day. Such a gorgeous baby. I love reading how much you love her in every word you write. Wished you didn't live so far away so the girls could play.

  9. Cailyn is wonderful, her laugh is infectious such a delight. Time really does go very fast so continue what your doing which is enjoying every precious minute of every day. Love to you all Xx

  10. Such a beautiful bunny! Glad you had a lovely spring weekend to get outside as a family. As you said, time moves quickly with an infant; the only thing you can do to control it is document each and every moment!

  11. Officially TOO cute!!!! And agree with Stephanie (as usual, that woman is so smart) that the best thing you can do is to document everything (which you're doing such a great job of) so you can relive it when she's two and oh-so grown up. And how lovely are you to even think about what time of the day you should make an appointment at your IVF clinic. Gold star for you!


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