Apr 18, 2012

April 17th - 8 months!! And...we are home!

This week on the Next Family we finally land in Toronto!! For those of you who have brought home your baby(ies) you know just how wonderful it is to touch down at home!


April 17th means Cailyn is 8 months old!! How great and how sad. She is growing so nicely, she is such a pretty girl, great temperament and a pure delight!!  Sadly, she is growing..no more little baby...now, a more independent girl.  It is such a pleasure to share the days with her (and the nights..most of the time).  Today I went to the mall to buy a birthday gift for Cailyn's little friend Tori who turns 1 this week.  At the mall, many people stopped and commented on how cute or pretty Cailyn is.  It is odd that people do this, or maybe I just think it is odd, regardless, it is nice of people to make these wonderful comments.   We are working on Cailyn's eating independence, trying to get her to pick up pieces of food and self feed.  She can pick up food, but getting it into her mouth still needs work.

What happened April 17th "

7:00 am - wake up
7:30 am - have 5 oz bottle
8:00 am - gnaw on the carpet
8:30 am - try very hard to eat the hardwood floors, mommy says "No, no , no"
9:00 am -cereal, soy milk,  then nap
10:00 am - try to eat the hardwood with fury, mommy says "Cailyn, no, no ,no "
10:15 am - try to eat the carpet, with fury "Noooooooooo"
10:20 am - into the exersaucer, try to eat the plastic tray in the exersaucer
10:30 am - squeal and cry in frustration or pain as the plastic is hard and does not taste good
10:45 am - out of the exersaucer, playing with mommy, giving mommy lots of full on open mouth kisses
fast forward to 3:30 pm - doing a day care inspection and interview, Cailyn leans over to kiss mommy and CHOMPS down on mommy's lip like a pit pull, locked in with her two teeth, crunching away on mommy's lower lip
9:00 pm - mommy's lip is swollen and hurts like hell

Happy 8th month b-day baby, we love you!!!
Blueberry and cereal .. makes a mess but oh so yummy!

Enjoying the nice weather

Smile for the camera!

Cailyn is super long, almost  off the charts! 


  1. She is so darn cute. I can't wait to meet her live sooner than later :). Love the new photos.

  2. SO grown up! Time is flying.... I can not believe she is 8 months old. She is however very very cute!

  3. She is very beautiful, and always looks so happy. When interacting with little girls, I've been making a conscious effort to NOT always focus on their looks or clothing, to avoid sending the message that it is the only thing that matters about them. It is really hard... think it is very culturally ingrained in us.

  4. Love the blog update! Hoping it was only recently updated as I have a recent habit of not noticing things! Cailyn is extremely gorgeous but hey that is to be expected with her Mummy and Daddy.

  5. Cailyn is a beauty. I'm so glad you are loving being her mommy (not that I had any doubt).

  6. Congratulations to you little sweetheart!

  7. Where does she get those long legs from??? Definitely not our side of the family! :D
    I can't believe how much she's grown since I last saw her! Be sure to tell her that her Auntie will see her on Friday. <3

  8. Oh my! You have a little model on your hands. Btw, if you happen to be coming to Delhi in the near future, what do you say you make it for May??? Just sayin'...

  9. Laughing - was going to ask where you've been (and just got home from...), but then realised you were talking about your fabulous column on The Next Family. So how tall is Miss C, other than very?? And how's the spitting up going? Did you notice a reduction after her spinal adjustments? Stephanie, as usual, has raised an interesting point about how we praise little girls. I make sure I tell our two that they're beautiful and pretty and so on every day. And yep, I know they're boys!

  10. Cailyn is tall and gorgeous! Is she teething already to be chewing with fury?

  11. Hii Kerrie, Cailyn is so beautiful I am not surprised at all that strangers comment on how lovely Cailyn is. Wonderful to see how much you are enjoying her. Thank you also for all your wonderful comments and support on my blog and your right of course that being realistic to timeframes is the key.


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