Apr 3, 2012

Cailyn ROLLS!

A little video of our girl on the move!  Ignore the goofy hat - I put it on as a joke to protect her head - should my in laws see the video!  Somehow my angle is really weird...iPhone...will I ever figure it out?

This week on the Next Family I write about leaving India, and dealing with an expired Visa at security!


A very funny article on the Next Family last week by Ann was about swearing in front of your kids...have a read, its a short read and really funny! http://thenextfamily.com/topics/urban-dweller/urban-dwellers-ann-brown/

Here is Cailyn in her leg warmers.  She received a 4 pack of them from my sister at Christmas.  They are hilarious!! She loves to wear them when rolling around, seems having exposed feet's makes for better traction. 

Cailyn calls everyone dada, and only says momma when she is upset (lucky me).  Cailyn also claps, well fista claps, but she gets the concept.  She likes to clap during Patty Cake; and when we encourage her with "Yay"'s and lots of clapping.   She can now stand a bit supported - like holding onto the couch or tables. She is now in her next stage Britax car seat and she really loves it.  I guess it is super roomy and she feels quite luxurious in it!  And lastly, she wants to sleep on her belly...which makes me a nervous wreck!  Thank god for the Angel Care monitor, but, sadly, the rolling in the crib sets off the piercing alarm quite frequently through the night.


  1. We'll have to get Cailyn and Orion together to trade vocabularies because Orion says the syllables, "ma-ma" which is strange since I read that most babies start with "da-da" first since it's supposedly easier to say for them. He has yet to say da-da yet but loves ba-ba. LOL.

  2. This is the funniest video I have seen with movement and semi crawling and I can't stop laughing. Too cute.

  3. Pretty damn hard to crawl on hardwood floors. She needs traction. Pads on those knees to propel herself. She is too cute and I am still laughing as I watch over and over.

  4. Loved the angle of your camera, it made her look like she was floating or walking on her hands at one point! She is so cute!

  5. She is too cute! You must have clean floors with all of her rolling:)

  6. lolllll! you better stock up on washing detergent and pack away stuff because she will soon start helping you with the household chores. lollll

  7. Introducing Canada's next superstar Gymnast!!!! Very clever Miss Cailyn!!

  8. Cailyn really is on the move - now the fun really start, can you get any more adorable?

    Kerrie, I wanted to a personal thank you to you for all your wonderful comments on more blog about Hari and for all your support and guidance. Hope all is well with you.


  9. Oh Man, she's off!!! What fabulous rolling, maybe she will be in a circus. Will soon be time to baby proof your house!


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