Apr 25, 2012

This and That...

For those of you who have come home with your baby(ies) you know how wonderful it is to pull into your driveway after a long experience and many many hours of travel.  On The Next Family I write about this.  http://thenextfamily.com/author/kerrie-olejarz/

Compensation for surrogacy, egg or sperm donation is not legal in Canada, and the wonderful Sally at www.surrogacy.ca has started a petition to see if we can encourage change in the government.  If you feel like supporting this, please sign the petition.  As you know, we support and endorse Surrogacy in India, but would love to see change here at home.  Here is the link:  

Miss Cailyn, oh Miss Cailyn!! We are just loving every moment of her!  This week she starts her learn to swim class, so of course, we had to decide on which suit to wear:

You know, I have the same legs as Cailyn, but, they don't look so cute on me!

So, apparently (I have just noticed) I take alot of pics of Miss C in her high chair!
Discovering oranges!

Enjoying oranges!

Silly headband for a silly girl!  (iPhone - BLUR)
Exhausted after a fun day.

Big eyes!


  1. Love all the photos.

  2. Dear Kerrie

    Iam so excited about getting home with Hari that will be an incredible day in a couple of months or so. Love all the cute pictures of Cailyn so beautiful.

  3. She is just beautiful!!! Too cute!!!

  4. HA about the legs! I don't believe you but that was still funny :D
    She is such a little cutie. I had no idea the water lessons start so young. That's going to be so much fun.

  5. Aww,adorable!!Love the cute bathing suit!!Have fun with the swimming lessons!!

  6. Such a stylish girl she is. LOVE her!!! xo

  7. Such a beautiful baby, love the swimwear photo shoot!!! I see some hair sprouting up too!!! SO CUTE!!!

  8. her eyes are very stunning, gonna be a heart breaker!!

  9. Cailyn is ADORABLE and so smiley!!
    I love the bathing suits! Our friend has a kind of resort wear store and she just got a baby line of bikinis and cover ups...and we can't wait to put our daughter in the one we received from her...have fun in the water!!


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