May 29, 2012

Cailyn and her never ending wave!

This week I write about torturing , I mean having fun with Cailyn over Halloween!  

Waving after the first dip in her pool at home

Favourite position in stroller - usually both feet are up.

Little girl in a big world!

Exploring a blade of grass.

May 23, 2012

2 month and 9 month check ups & Citizenship (not yet)

We have just gotten home from Miss C's 9 month check up and Cailyn is in perfect health!  
Cailyn's height and length are now proportionate (not that it really matters) and she falls into the 85th percentile on both.  She is a big girl!

Preswim in the locker room

Life jacket training!

Enjoying the nice weather in the back yard

Trying to pick up the hose - she was successful!
Cailyn's top front teeth have almost broken through, and she has discovered that she can grind them against the bottom teeth...oh how I hate this noise!!  Cailyn can do the hand movements to a Polish song that all Polish kids learn.  We have modified it with some English and changed some of the motions, but she knows them now!   Speaking of her teeth, here is a great pic of her after an organic teething biscuit...
Yummy cookie!

This week on The Next Family I write about our first doctor visit here at home and the agony of whether to vaccinate or not!

We had hoped Cailyn would be a Canadian citizen by now, but sadly, it looks like this process will be quite lengthy.  We had thought about taking a trip this summer but will not be able to as Cailyn will not have a valid passport and cannot get one without proof of citizenship.  In typical fashion, if I had birthed her myself out of country there would be no delay.

On Sunday I awoke to an alarming statement made on Facebook by a Toronto based lawyer.  Here are the words that made me beyond angry:  

Surrogacy in India has become increasingly popular, mostly because of the anticipated lower costs. There have been several incidents in which the babies born were not genetically linked to the intended parents, which presumably happened as a result of a mix-up in the laboratory. If the laboratory standards were below par, how can we be confident that the medical care is adequate? This week, an Ind...ian surrogate in her 8th month of pregnancy, had a seizure. The clinic's first reaction was to deliver the baby and then arrange for care for the surrogate. She died Now we know that both the intended parents and the clinics treat the surrogates as commodities, and anyone who chooses India does so on this basis.

I was so pissed reading this lawyer's so called personal opinion on a subject she knows nothing about.  This also makes me believe that she is trying to drum up fear with Canadians based on her hair brained assumptions, thus, keeping her bank account full here at home.  Of course, all of us who travel to India want the very best for our surrogate's well being, family and her life in general.  I have personally heard stories from here at home when Dr's had to make the decision to remove a baby asap and then deal with the ill mother afterwards.  It is very sad that in the related story that the surrogate did not make it, and all of us in our community mourn for her family.  As much as we mourn, we know this is not the "norm" as we have witnessed first hand.   I could ramble on about this for ever as I am so passionate about it, but I won't.  All I know, is if I was the owner of the clinic (Pulse) in Ahmedabad, I would not tolerate such slander.

May 18, 2012

Advice, grass and a visit!

I think all new parents get alot of grief about what they should or should not be doing.  This week I share a little in site into our situation on

here is the link if you wish to have a read:

Cailyn is growing in leaps and bounds, and we have now hit 9 months!!  She is a little shit at night now, and this has been going on for about 6 weeks.  I am desperate for sleep and therefore caving - bringing her into our bed... not good, but at least I am getting sleep.  She starts in her crib then 5 hours later awakes and will not settle.  Nothing works, not a bottle, not cuddles, so I bring her into bed with me and she crashes instantly.  It is amazing how at this young of age, how well they can manipulate us!! We will figure it out, eventually!

The Elmo balloon is still going strong and still a HUGE hit with Miss C!

Only crawl backwards and sideways!

And still rolling!

Getting lots of blond hair

Just cute, kinda angelic

I joined a stroller fit class and when we do abdominal work Cailyn loves to sit on the grass, and of course, eat the grass!

Wednesday we had a visit from Madge of The Next Family, she is on a North American tour meeting up with writers and other web based contacts.  Madge spent the day and one night with us.  She spoiled us with lovely gifts for Cailyn and some wonderful napkins of Indian style for Mark and I and also a laying Buddha statue.  It was really nice to meet her and spend the day with her!!  Here is Madge and I, the curly duo!

to Doug and Bill on their very long awaited baby girl Cristina!!!
And also to Jason and Adrian on the somewhat early arrival of Clara and Olivia!

May 8, 2012

Sharing some wisdom

This week on the Next Family I decided to share a little wisdom on the exit process.  I think it important that when we jump into this journey that we understand the potential time lines for the exit process.  Knowledge is power.  And, remember there will more than likely be hiccups with the process so try to take them in stride and enjoy your baby(ies)

Now onto, fun, laughter.  What else can I say!!  Besides the pattern of waking up at night for moments, she is perfect in every way! Cannot wait to give her a brother or sister to play with!!  Cailyn is in a stage where everything is funny, she laughs alot, even at me when I make eye contact with her, or when she sees Ellen on TV.  It is so so so much fun!!  Cailyn will be 9 months next Thursday..oh how the time is flying!

Finally - hair!


Almost finished!

I decided to buy Cailyn a balloon, just did not realize how BIG it was until the woman started filling it with helium.  Cailyn goes psycho for this balloon - no fear, all fun!

Swimming week 2 - with daddy this time, she looks like a wake board pro!


At a friends house - crashed after some 40th birthday excitement.

Something I have been researching for us older girls with a not so favourable AMH is the use of DHEA.  Here is an interesting article on the use of DHEA for lowered or premature ovarian aging. 

May 1, 2012

Swimming lessons!

Well, Cailyn is a natural swimmer! She loved the experience despite the fact that it was nap time!  (Ignore the beached whale swimming with her)  The pool is a therapy pool and is bath tub warm.  The class seems slow paced - almost like having a bath.  The best part about it is that Cailyn enjoyed it, loved kicking her legs in the water and was the noisiest baby in the group!

Cailyn's swim group.
Things Cailyn does now at 8.5 months:

Waves hello and goodbye
Pics up finger foods and puts in her mouth
Crawls backwards very easily and with some speed
Says hello when we sing the Teletubbies theme song
Goes to bed at 7 pm and awakes at 7 am (with some wake ups during the night)
Loves (for many months now) Phantom of the Opera.  This is her very favourite version:
Drinks from a straw (supervised), soy milk drink boxes are a favourite!

Cailyns favourite foods include avocado, chicken, mango and berries.  She eats everything and never makes a fuss.  I have huge paranoia about her eating a baby MumMum by herself (supervised) and choking on it.  I am not sure when this fear will leave me , but I guess one day I will feel at ease, until then, I will continue to make sure all finger foods and self feeding are non-choking size. 

It is hard to believe we have been home for 7.5 months now!! As I wrote my Next Family update this week, it was hard to believe that I was writing about our first few days home, which seemed so long ago!   Click on the picture below to have a read..