May 18, 2012

Advice, grass and a visit!

I think all new parents get alot of grief about what they should or should not be doing.  This week I share a little in site into our situation on

here is the link if you wish to have a read:

Cailyn is growing in leaps and bounds, and we have now hit 9 months!!  She is a little shit at night now, and this has been going on for about 6 weeks.  I am desperate for sleep and therefore caving - bringing her into our bed... not good, but at least I am getting sleep.  She starts in her crib then 5 hours later awakes and will not settle.  Nothing works, not a bottle, not cuddles, so I bring her into bed with me and she crashes instantly.  It is amazing how at this young of age, how well they can manipulate us!! We will figure it out, eventually!

The Elmo balloon is still going strong and still a HUGE hit with Miss C!

Only crawl backwards and sideways!

And still rolling!

Getting lots of blond hair

Just cute, kinda angelic

I joined a stroller fit class and when we do abdominal work Cailyn loves to sit on the grass, and of course, eat the grass!

Wednesday we had a visit from Madge of The Next Family, she is on a North American tour meeting up with writers and other web based contacts.  Madge spent the day and one night with us.  She spoiled us with lovely gifts for Cailyn and some wonderful napkins of Indian style for Mark and I and also a laying Buddha statue.  It was really nice to meet her and spend the day with her!!  Here is Madge and I, the curly duo!

to Doug and Bill on their very long awaited baby girl Cristina!!!
And also to Jason and Adrian on the somewhat early arrival of Clara and Olivia!


  1. We said no children in our bed - well that lasted for 2 children as the last 3 take a revolving ticket as to who gets in. I say we do whatever we need to do to get sleep! Cailyn is so darn cute.

  2. A stroller fit class??? You crazy Canadians! :)
    Madge Looks far too stable. I think she needs wine.

  3. Lack of sleep makes you feel like a zombie 24/7 it's not much fun at all! The stroller fit class sounds great though :)

  4. 9 months!!Where has the time gone!!She is absolutely adorable..even when eating grass!!Hope you get some sleep soon....

  5. Good luck on the sleeping battle. It all eventually works out. It is just hell when you are going through it. Love the blonde hair coming in. My son was the same way - blonde fuzz that slowly turned into blonde locks. In a few months she will look totally different. Take lots of pictures so you will remember the "almost hair" period of her life.

  6. check out the cute blondie!!!nice

  7. Must admit Mia ended up in our bed out of sheer desperation to get some sleep. At some point you will turn it around. They are so clever and oh so very cute.

  8. Just "kinda" angelic???? I'd say 100%, except at 1 AM!


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