May 8, 2012

Sharing some wisdom

This week on the Next Family I decided to share a little wisdom on the exit process.  I think it important that when we jump into this journey that we understand the potential time lines for the exit process.  Knowledge is power.  And, remember there will more than likely be hiccups with the process so try to take them in stride and enjoy your baby(ies)

Now onto, fun, laughter.  What else can I say!!  Besides the pattern of waking up at night for moments, she is perfect in every way! Cannot wait to give her a brother or sister to play with!!  Cailyn is in a stage where everything is funny, she laughs alot, even at me when I make eye contact with her, or when she sees Ellen on TV.  It is so so so much fun!!  Cailyn will be 9 months next Thursday..oh how the time is flying!

Finally - hair!


Almost finished!

I decided to buy Cailyn a balloon, just did not realize how BIG it was until the woman started filling it with helium.  Cailyn goes psycho for this balloon - no fear, all fun!

Swimming week 2 - with daddy this time, she looks like a wake board pro!


At a friends house - crashed after some 40th birthday excitement.

Something I have been researching for us older girls with a not so favourable AMH is the use of DHEA.  Here is an interesting article on the use of DHEA for lowered or premature ovarian aging. 


  1. She is just so cute...all the photos are adorable...especially like the last two! You said "brother or sister"...are you guys trying again????

  2. Haha, she is so cute...where did u get that travel bed? It so nice

    1. This is actually our friends jungle gym, it is super cool for doubling as a travel bed!

  3. Love the little hair :) She is adorable!

  4. The picture of Cailyn and Mark in the water is adorable...she definitely looks like a daddy's girl. Her hair is adorable!

  5. Awww!!Great pictures!!Cailyn looks adorable!!She seems to really enjoy the pool!!Love the travel bed/jungle gym..... a great idea!!

  6. Cailyn is gorgeous!

    Just as a side note, I remember reading a lot of good things about DHEA and then some bad things. I asked my doctor if I should be taking it and she simply said she didn't feel it was necessary in my case. At the time I was overwhelmed with all of the other IVF and surro info, so I didn't ask for any details, but now I wish I had.

    Long story short, I'm guessing it's one of those things you need to check with your doctor about for your individual case. I remember reading some cases where doctors had admonished their patients for taking it.

  7. Oh gosh, way WAY too cute. Fantastic to see that you're ALL enjoying life. Enjoy Mothers Day tomorrow.

  8. ps - you have a seriously long blog roll


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