May 1, 2012

Swimming lessons!

Well, Cailyn is a natural swimmer! She loved the experience despite the fact that it was nap time!  (Ignore the beached whale swimming with her)  The pool is a therapy pool and is bath tub warm.  The class seems slow paced - almost like having a bath.  The best part about it is that Cailyn enjoyed it, loved kicking her legs in the water and was the noisiest baby in the group!

Cailyn's swim group.
Things Cailyn does now at 8.5 months:

Waves hello and goodbye
Pics up finger foods and puts in her mouth
Crawls backwards very easily and with some speed
Says hello when we sing the Teletubbies theme song
Goes to bed at 7 pm and awakes at 7 am (with some wake ups during the night)
Loves (for many months now) Phantom of the Opera.  This is her very favourite version:
Drinks from a straw (supervised), soy milk drink boxes are a favourite!

Cailyns favourite foods include avocado, chicken, mango and berries.  She eats everything and never makes a fuss.  I have huge paranoia about her eating a baby MumMum by herself (supervised) and choking on it.  I am not sure when this fear will leave me , but I guess one day I will feel at ease, until then, I will continue to make sure all finger foods and self feeding are non-choking size. 

It is hard to believe we have been home for 7.5 months now!! As I wrote my Next Family update this week, it was hard to believe that I was writing about our first few days home, which seemed so long ago!   Click on the picture below to have a read..


  1. She certainly loves the water. So cute. I love these photos and video.

  2. Babies always look so natural in water (well most babies, at least some of the time!). LOL at the firm grip Cailyn had on the float device when she offered it up to the boy but didn't let go, mum does the quick swipe and change of focus like a pro !! I love your vids - thanks for sharing : )

  3. It's great that you are starting her so early. It's good for safety and will give her a lifetime love of swimming.

  4. Hiya Kerrie, How cute does Cailyn look, I used to love taking Mia swimming when she was a baby.

    Hope your ok and do let me know if your visiting Delhi any time soon it would be amazing to meet you.


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