Jun 27, 2012

10.5 months, YIKES!

Many of you can relate, after years of infertility and the horrific pain that comes along with that, it is almost impossible to wrap your head around the reality of finally having a baby.  This week on the Next Family I share a little of my feelings of "mom denial"


Onto Miss C!  Well, what can I say...she is alert, active, eating us out of house and home, busy, busy and talking!  Since she started crawling she just has not stopped!!  She is obsessed with the cat and the sliding glass patio door.  Everything we give Cailyn to eat is accepted by her with many moans of mmmmmmm....meaning good!  Watermelon, cherries, blueberries and grapes are a daily must have, along with raspberries and strawberries.  This kid loves it all!  She loves chicken and has tried T-bone steak, loved it!  Cailyn now has 7 teeth and there seems to be many more ready to pop thru based on the amount of saliva and how often her hands are digging around in her mouth. 
I often think about Cailyn's health and just how healthy she is. We cannot thank Sumita enough for sharing such a strong immune system with Cailyn!  Sumita not only gave us this gift, but she packaged it with ribbons and bows!

A few pics from the last two weeks...

Cailyn tries to strangle Kai on her playdate! oh...look at the horrible mess on my coffee table...coffee cups, formula tubs, bottles, and delivered food!

Kai tries to get revenge when Cailyn's back is turned!


Sesame Street is still cool with the kids!

Glass patio door at the grandparents house...

Who doesn't love a naked baby!

Just chewing on the flash cover from the camera.

OMG...Elmo is outside!

This is a common scenario...what's in Cailyn's mouth???

Grandpa, Cailyn and Mark at grandpas house
What an intense gaze!

Jun 18, 2012

Canadian Citizenship

I have received many emails from Canadians concerned about the citizenship process, and since I have shared that Cailyn is not yet a citizen, I figured I would clarify this in an attempt to help others.  When in India at the Canadian High Commission, when you apply for the passport, you have an option for a 1 year or 2 year passport.  The wait time is a bit different, 2 year takes a bit longer.  We opted for the 1 year and now realize we should have taken the two year.  Lesson learned!  We are far from world travellers, but it would be nice to have the passport secured for two years.  Sadly, we chose the temporary 1 year and now have to wait on her citizenship should we need to renew the passport when it expires. 
Citizenship will take about 9 months from the date the government office starts to process it.  We opened our case with them in September BUT they did not start processing it until January.  Here are the average time lines as shared on the Citizenship and Immigration website

As you can see, standard processing time is 6 months, but we need to add on 3-4 more months as we fall into the category of having applied through a High Commission outside of Canada.
Hopefully this helps with any concerns or fears about the process.  It is all a waiting game, and one we have to just be patient with.  The way I look at it, we have Cailyn and that is more than enough to help make the time pass!

Here is the link to the Citizenship website should you need it:   http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/index.asp

Jun 17, 2012

Happy Fathers Day Mark!

We have waited a very long time and suffered a great deal of heartache and losses, but this year, 2012, Mark finally gets to celebrate Father's  Day with his daughter! 
Opening his first Fathers Day gift from Cailyn

Opening his first Fathers Day gift from Cailyn

Meeting his daughter for the first time in India

Holding Cailyn for the first time in India

Snoozing together in India

Working hard to make her a Canadian

An evening on the roof top at India Luxury Homes

On "doodie"
Happy Fathers Day Mark , we love you!

Jun 11, 2012

Cat crazy!

Cailyn chases the cat non-stop now, and is ALWAYS on the hunt for her.  The cat's name is Kombat and Cailyn can now clearly say her name, and crawls around calling Kombat, and sometimes she just says "BAT!!!!".  It is just so darned cute!! Now that Cailyn is sleeping like a big girl, she lays down for her naps and continues to call out for Kombat as she falls into her deep sleep.

The weather has been super lately, and the weekend showed us sunny days with over 30 Celsius temperatures.  We went for a walk along Lake Ontario with my sister and Mark's brother then out for an India buffet.  The food tasted really good, and the buffet was only $10!  Sadly, 3 of us ended up with food poisoning, luckily not Cailyn!

Jun 7, 2012

On the move!

Cailyn officially started crawling forward last week and this week she is really on the move.  She enjoys chasing the cat and has actually caught the cat once! The cat was not happy and gave a big hiss back at Cailyn. It is so much fun to watch her motor around the house, but made us obviously aware of the potential dangers at her height and we have started baby proofing.  

Sleeping is a HUGE issue now, well now and for the last few months.  When she realizes she is in her crib she 1. works very hard at getting her legs stuck between the spindles despite breathable bumpers and 2. cries herself into a tizzy that she projectile vomits all over the walls, crib and floor.  Needless to say, mommy is fit to be tied on minimal sleep.  A funny observation tho - people tend to have VERY strong opinions on how and where a baby should sleep and they are more than happy to tell you in a manner that makes you feel like a real schmuck for doing it "this" way.   I am a little fed up of all the sleep advice thank you very much!  We will get through this, just at our own pace and doing what works for us. 

The ever changing schedule of a baby makes it difficult to plan the days.  I had joined a stroller fit class that runs from 2 pm to 3 pm..this was perfect timing as Cailyn usually napped from 4pm onward...well...two weeks into stroller fit her nap time changed and now she naps from 1:30pm on.  She hates to nap in her stroller so we end up missing most of the classes now.  Lulu Lemon offers a free stroller fit class at 11am so I am going to try that one - save my pennies and see if this works out.

This week on thenextfamily.com I write about Cailyn's development up to about 14 weeks, and how I cannot disconnect from all things surrogacy in India. 


For those of you on Facebook (you know who you are) who mock Cailyns hair growth!

A friend came to visit and brought Cailyn this giant bear! Obviously the remote is more entertaining!

In an adorable outfit from Auntie Christine!
Not a day goes by that we do not think about our surrogate Sumita and the wonderful and healthy gift she gave us.  We often think how healthy and robust" Cailyn is and just know that her 8.5 months in utero were just perfect! Thank you Sumita!!

And finally, HUGE congrats to Jeff and Kevin on the birth of Baxter! This was a long time in the making and Baxter proved to be well worth the wait!