Jun 18, 2012

Canadian Citizenship

I have received many emails from Canadians concerned about the citizenship process, and since I have shared that Cailyn is not yet a citizen, I figured I would clarify this in an attempt to help others.  When in India at the Canadian High Commission, when you apply for the passport, you have an option for a 1 year or 2 year passport.  The wait time is a bit different, 2 year takes a bit longer.  We opted for the 1 year and now realize we should have taken the two year.  Lesson learned!  We are far from world travellers, but it would be nice to have the passport secured for two years.  Sadly, we chose the temporary 1 year and now have to wait on her citizenship should we need to renew the passport when it expires. 
Citizenship will take about 9 months from the date the government office starts to process it.  We opened our case with them in September BUT they did not start processing it until January.  Here are the average time lines as shared on the Citizenship and Immigration website

As you can see, standard processing time is 6 months, but we need to add on 3-4 more months as we fall into the category of having applied through a High Commission outside of Canada.
Hopefully this helps with any concerns or fears about the process.  It is all a waiting game, and one we have to just be patient with.  The way I look at it, we have Cailyn and that is more than enough to help make the time pass!

Here is the link to the Citizenship website should you need it:   http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/index.asp

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  1. Can she travel on her Indian Passport or on your passport? I was under the impression that for a certain period of time a baby can be on your documents here in the US.


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