Jun 11, 2012

Cat crazy!

Cailyn chases the cat non-stop now, and is ALWAYS on the hunt for her.  The cat's name is Kombat and Cailyn can now clearly say her name, and crawls around calling Kombat, and sometimes she just says "BAT!!!!".  It is just so darned cute!! Now that Cailyn is sleeping like a big girl, she lays down for her naps and continues to call out for Kombat as she falls into her deep sleep.

The weather has been super lately, and the weekend showed us sunny days with over 30 Celsius temperatures.  We went for a walk along Lake Ontario with my sister and Mark's brother then out for an India buffet.  The food tasted really good, and the buffet was only $10!  Sadly, 3 of us ended up with food poisoning, luckily not Cailyn!


  1. Adorable! So that's where the good weather is. We've had unusually baaaad June weather so far - rain, 13 degrees Celcius and windy. :( Send us some heat!

  2. Loved the video. I can't believe she was not crawling when I was there and now is all over the place. Sorry about the food poisoning. Also, what is happening with the sleeping? Does she sleep in a big bed now? What changed? Just more tired from crawling?

  3. Soooo cute!!I love how she stops for a brief rest before giving chase again!!Does she ever catch up to Kombat?!!Adorable!!
    We also went for indian food the other day..no sicknes..phew!!


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