Jun 27, 2012

10.5 months, YIKES!

Many of you can relate, after years of infertility and the horrific pain that comes along with that, it is almost impossible to wrap your head around the reality of finally having a baby.  This week on the Next Family I share a little of my feelings of "mom denial"


Onto Miss C!  Well, what can I say...she is alert, active, eating us out of house and home, busy, busy and talking!  Since she started crawling she just has not stopped!!  She is obsessed with the cat and the sliding glass patio door.  Everything we give Cailyn to eat is accepted by her with many moans of mmmmmmm....meaning good!  Watermelon, cherries, blueberries and grapes are a daily must have, along with raspberries and strawberries.  This kid loves it all!  She loves chicken and has tried T-bone steak, loved it!  Cailyn now has 7 teeth and there seems to be many more ready to pop thru based on the amount of saliva and how often her hands are digging around in her mouth. 
I often think about Cailyn's health and just how healthy she is. We cannot thank Sumita enough for sharing such a strong immune system with Cailyn!  Sumita not only gave us this gift, but she packaged it with ribbons and bows!

A few pics from the last two weeks...

Cailyn tries to strangle Kai on her playdate! oh...look at the horrible mess on my coffee table...coffee cups, formula tubs, bottles, and delivered food!

Kai tries to get revenge when Cailyn's back is turned!


Sesame Street is still cool with the kids!

Glass patio door at the grandparents house...

Who doesn't love a naked baby!

Just chewing on the flash cover from the camera.

OMG...Elmo is outside!

This is a common scenario...what's in Cailyn's mouth???

Grandpa, Cailyn and Mark at grandpas house
What an intense gaze!


  1. Love the photos and the angel chair at the in laws. Cailyn is so adorable and happy. Just a love story.

  2. wow 7 teeth? Orion only has 4 and the top 2 haven't even fully come through. so he doesn't like chunks in his food, he seems to filter them out and then spit them out. Cailyn is one pretty little lady!

  3. She is absolutely adorable. And there is some serious hair growing on her head! You are so lucky to have a kid who loves eating. Jennifer loved breastmilk and when offered solids, she made a little tight "knot" of her mouth, not letting any food to come in. I have cried after her meals when she was covered with food, but not eating more than a spoon at the best. It takes time to become a little cooler mom who understands that babies evenually will eat as the hunger kicks in... Hopefully Erik will be a better eater or my nerves will get a great deal of workout... :)

  4. She looks so healthy and happy. I love these photos!

  5. Dear Kerrie, I come back here once in a while and always with a smile on my face to see how blessed your family is to have Cailyn as part of your lives, the sheer joy she brings and seeing her continue to grow healthy with a beautiful smile on her face and those twinkles in her large blue eyes! I hope you are enjoying the summer and weather. I will not see you once you are back at work, as I will be on vacation but I can't wait to see you once I am back and to catch up! Big hugs - Anna Babiarz.

  6. Dear Kerrie, what an incredible journey. Your courage and strength will inspire us through the time to come. It was amazing to meet you in India.
    Thanks for sharing you story and congratulations for the beautiful angel.
    Jose & Nick


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