Jun 7, 2012

On the move!

Cailyn officially started crawling forward last week and this week she is really on the move.  She enjoys chasing the cat and has actually caught the cat once! The cat was not happy and gave a big hiss back at Cailyn. It is so much fun to watch her motor around the house, but made us obviously aware of the potential dangers at her height and we have started baby proofing.  

Sleeping is a HUGE issue now, well now and for the last few months.  When she realizes she is in her crib she 1. works very hard at getting her legs stuck between the spindles despite breathable bumpers and 2. cries herself into a tizzy that she projectile vomits all over the walls, crib and floor.  Needless to say, mommy is fit to be tied on minimal sleep.  A funny observation tho - people tend to have VERY strong opinions on how and where a baby should sleep and they are more than happy to tell you in a manner that makes you feel like a real schmuck for doing it "this" way.   I am a little fed up of all the sleep advice thank you very much!  We will get through this, just at our own pace and doing what works for us. 

The ever changing schedule of a baby makes it difficult to plan the days.  I had joined a stroller fit class that runs from 2 pm to 3 pm..this was perfect timing as Cailyn usually napped from 4pm onward...well...two weeks into stroller fit her nap time changed and now she naps from 1:30pm on.  She hates to nap in her stroller so we end up missing most of the classes now.  Lulu Lemon offers a free stroller fit class at 11am so I am going to try that one - save my pennies and see if this works out.

This week on thenextfamily.com I write about Cailyn's development up to about 14 weeks, and how I cannot disconnect from all things surrogacy in India. 


For those of you on Facebook (you know who you are) who mock Cailyns hair growth!

A friend came to visit and brought Cailyn this giant bear! Obviously the remote is more entertaining!

In an adorable outfit from Auntie Christine!
Not a day goes by that we do not think about our surrogate Sumita and the wonderful and healthy gift she gave us.  We often think how healthy and robust" Cailyn is and just know that her 8.5 months in utero were just perfect! Thank you Sumita!!

And finally, HUGE congrats to Jeff and Kevin on the birth of Baxter! This was a long time in the making and Baxter proved to be well worth the wait!


  1. I hope my advice has all been taken with a grain of salt. Just suggestions and not any judgment at all. I have seen this girl cry in her crib and she means business. I like her strength and of course yours as well as you tackle this head on. Has she found the stairs yet in her travels? So darn cute with those big eyes.

  2. Cailyn is too cute!

    I feel like I could have wrote the sleep part of your post. Yes, I have left stroller class because of sleep deprived meltdowns and cleaned up projectile vomit from the wall, crib and floor because of Brady's intense crying. And the advice, ugh! Every kid is different. I finally ended my attempt to sleep train when Brady cried so hard he hyperventilated:(.

  3. I know how it might feel. You will be through it. For Jennifer, the "No-Cry sleeping solution" by Elizabeth Pantley worked fantastic. But you know, during major developmental periods kids do sleep bad. I mean, when they learn to crawl, walk etc. They dream a lot and their brains just work on highest power possible. Sleepy-dust to Cailyn and big hugs!

  4. Good Luck on "Mission: Sleep Baby Sleep". It will all work out - even though right now you probably want to find a hiding spot and take a nap yourself. Mom's are always going to offer advice - I just used to listen and smile and then do whatever I wanted to do! It's your kid - you know her best! Each kids birthday Brian says - "Well, they survived another year of us, we must be doing something right". So whatever you are doing it must be right because she looks like one happy, contented little girl.

  5. She is gorgeous!!!! Cuter with every picture - and the crawling is full steam ahead!!! The cat must know that safety is no longer guaranteed :-))
    Good luck with the sleep issue!!! Best wishes, K&J xx

  6. I love the video! As for sleeping.....you are so right in that all babies are different. We are doing things we said we 'would never do'......like bringing them to our bed if we need to. It is not all the time but for us better than all 3 up screaming. I so agree with Anu though, as I have found that in any growth spurt anything they were taught (self-settling) goes out the window. We figure, like you, that they/us will work it out one day and it doesn't go on forever. I am a softy in my old age and don't cope well with seeing them cry. By the look of Cailyn you and Mark are doing a perfect job!

  7. Isn't she just adorable! I must say the sleep, or lack of, is really something I'm not looking forward to:)

  8. The advice NEVER stops! When you have a teenager it starts all over again!!! My son was a crappy sleeper, tried everything, all bubs are different! Cailyn is gorgeous, poor cat! LOL!

  9. It so funny about the sleep thing (on which way for the babies). My mother pointed out to me 20 years ago that the expert's advice changes every 5-10 years. I watched it over the years and she was right.
    Best advice it probably just to find your own groove. You'll get there! (Or baby will get older.)

  10. wow crawling?? already?? they do grow fast!! I haven't been online much so wanted to check in and see how your beautiful family is doing. The sleep will come, just keep doing what YOU feel is best for Cailyn and you and take it one day at time. Thinking of you all.


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