Jul 25, 2012

Almost 1 year!!!

Cailyn is almost a year old, and I cannot remember the last time I actually relaxed on the couch - it was for sure before we headed to India to meet baby girl.  Cailyn is now a standing machine.  She stands wherever she can get hold of something for stability and has started to shuffle her feet, taking steps!  It is very exciting to watch this all happen, and sometimes a nail biter as to when she will fall and where she might hit her head.  All normal and lots of fun to be part of!

This is Cailyn at daycare with her friend Raine:

My friend Gen and I took the kiddos to an indoor playground which Cailyn really enjoyed!  The two boys in the picture with her are brothers.

The two little ones waiting for snacks after all that playing! You can see on the table the essential Starbucks for the moms!

Classic picture - we have worse but this is a public forum!   The heat has been pretty intense this summer and Cailyn has been enjoying her little pool.

Making headway on the hair growth!

We are taking every day by day with Cailyn, if today she stands alot and tomorrow not interested, that is ok by us.  This week on the NextFamily I write a little bit about the anxiety of infant milestones.

We are planning a party for Cailyn's first birthday.  I fully expect her to not appreciate it, and probably just want to nap.  That's ok by us, just we really want to celebrate it as we never imagined that we would be in this position!  To actually be able to say we are celebrating our daughter's 1st birthday is surreal, hard to imagine and comprehend. I am not sure when the reality of her in our life will finally just sink in to my thick head.  I guess 15 years of heartache takes a lot longer to put into the past...slowly getting there! 
We were very excited to see Mandy finally, finally, finally announce the birth of her little girl!! Congrats Mandy and Rick, we are super thrilled for you!!!!

Here is an over or under exposed pic of daddy and his girl on Mark's 40th birthday!


  1. You have one beautiful little lady. Orion will be one year old tomorrow. We will celebrate with family on the weekend. I was just mentioning on Beau's blog that we, yourself included, that Toban, Alton/Nee, Rhonda and Gerry, were all in India this time last year, and here you all are today, with 5 healthy beautiful babies.

  2. Beautiful pictures and post - as usual! Enjoy the milestones, they're so much fun (?!?) and you so deserve them. Looking forward to seeing photos of the big bash.

  3. Oh how I wish I could be there for the first birthday. Beautiful photos, beautiful family.

  4. She is getting so big - I remember when I started reading your blog she was just a little peanut - they get bigger every time you blink. Enjoy every second!!

  5. She is thriving, even the photos show the determination to be vertical, even in the pool- LOL !
    So cute : )


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